Contributing to Industrial Development of Home Medical Equipment

[INQ. NO. 1608E25] HK was founded in 1993 based on “transparent and right-path management” philosophy. With its excellent technologies and manufacturing capabilities,
the company has been making constant progress as a leading corporation in the field of home medical devices.
The company has received several citations and prizes in recognition of its ethicality and technologies. Now, with the spotlight from both the local and international media shining upon it, it has grown into one of the leading companies in the health and medical industry. HK strives to develop and supply better products through its constant research activities and to further become a pivotal player in the global medical device market.

Its R&D team is focused on nature and natural healing and is doing its best to develop new technologies combining the mystique of Oriental medicine and cuttingedge technology of western medicine with an objective of developing medical devices with new concepts.

Combining the Mystique of Oriental Medicine and the Cutting-edge Technology of Western Medicine

Untitled-74.jpgVarona double mat is a medical device that combines PHE ceramic with thermal, low frequency, and transposition function. It turns natural minerals into ultrafine particles using nanotechnology and creates nano ceramic with a temperature higher than 1,300°C. By emitting anions and far-infrared radiation, it can help with blood circulation and pain relief.
If the 1MHz frequency contacts once with existing products, Beauty Life’s 1.2MHz complex wave frequency contacts seven times, short and fast, within the same time frame.
Untitled-75Therefore, it has protective effects for cells and organization with far smoother and more sensitive vibrations. As the stimulation is smooth, it can improve cataract and glaucoma by using it directly on eyes and has excellent effects of removing infections on shoulders, knees and other areas. Also, it is quite effective with skin care and obesity management, etc.
The alkaline ionized water generator is a Untitled-76.jpgmedical device that generates mineral rich ionized water by using a natural regeneration method without electrolyzation.
Molecules of ionized water are smaller than the cells of the human body, so they are absorbed rapidly into
the body to eliminate wastes, which could be causes of diseases. It has been designed so that the water becomes quite close to natural bedrock water using natural mineral filters. By enabling setting for warm temperature for the first time in Korea, warm water can be readily available for everyday life. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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