Industrial connectors

[INQ. NO. 1608E02] Established in 1993, HoSung Technics has been specialized in manufacturing and supplying types of industrial connectors for global client companies, contributing to the nation’s economy. Through starting exports to overseas markets in 1998 including Singapore and Europe, HoSung Technics has seen steady growth in its size.
In 2008, HoSung Technics received a $5 Million Export Tower award from the Korea International Trade Association (KITA), recognizing that the company saw noticeable growth in exports withing a relatively short time.
Its current main products are the RF coaxial connector, surge arrester, adapter, power splitt er, directional coupler, and cable assembly. Among them, the RF coaxial connector is
the most representative. The connector ensures high mechanical strength and high durability.
Untitled-2.jpgFor customer convenience, customized connectors are available. It can be eff ectively applied for antenna, infrastructure installation, and telecommunication modules.
Cable assembly from the company is also highly att ractive with many points after long years of intensifi ed R&D.
Already recognized as high reliable, it allows easy maintenance. The cable assembly, various cable assembly works are possible. Semi-rigid, fl exible, corrugated copper tube cable is available. The cable assembly is being used for telecommunication modules and system integration. It is visionary for potential customers to enjoy bett er satisfaction with its use, thanks to its further utmost eff orts, mainly focused on ceaseless R&D. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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