Outdoor black box

[INQ. NO. 1609E01] Driving is potentially dangerous, and a driver becomes edgy behind the wheel https://korean-electronics.com//inquirylooking out for any possible dangers 24/7. With airbags all over inside, he or she might feel prepared, yet, without today’s vehicle black box, something should be always missing. Determining cause and effect after an accident is critical as to finding out what happens. Korea’s DABONDA here helps you get your fair share.
DABONDA LIFE appears simply red and grey. Its color and design may follow the norms of what black box should look like, but functions are defying it. LIFE allows for easy and convenient control with its High-Definition 4-inch LCD touch screen which includes Sony
EXMOR CMOS Sensor (2.4M). Its saved Video Image Expansion enables you to enlarge video images on the screen.
PIP (Screen Splitting) function shows you both recorded front and rear videos at the same time. There are also E&M Messenger, Motion Detection, Safe Guard, etc. Began its business in 2011 as a Korea’s forefront vehicle black box maker, the maker committed to mainly developing and distributing top-level black box products to realize its priority policy “people’s safety first”.

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