Bringing Innovation to the Heating Industry

Seggi Century produces and sells heatplus heating fi lm and heatplus stripe-type fi lm as a leader of the new-concept heating industry. Heatplus costs consumers 50% less than an oil-fi red boiler for heating. The product requires nearly no maintenance and repair costs.

As heatplus is placed between fl oor covering materials and insulators, it is simple and easy to install heatplus. The company also pursues safe, quiet and clean heating.

Heatplus received ISO9001, ISO14000, CE and UL certifi cates for its excellence.

Heatplus is planar heating fi lm made of an insulating, fl ame-retardant and water-proof PET material to which stiff base fi lm with a heat insulation function and carbon are applied. Then the skin of activated carbon is removed and electrodes are created with a copper foil and join the fi lm.

Heat Plus is made through less-than-one-micron precision coating technology which applies carbon to fi lm produced from of a mixture of PET fi lm and PE resins and makes the carbon emit heat. Heat treatment for 72 hours at 70°C makes the product semi-permanent as long as you do not cut it with scissors.

Seggi Century exports its products to Russia, China, Germany and the Czech Republic, among others, and is the only company to export heating fi lm to Japan where consumers are very fastidious.



Eco-Friendly Heating

Awareness of the importance of the environment in our rapidly changing world is growing more and more.

Countries all over the world are concentrating on reducing greenhouse gas emissions by decreasing the use of fossil fuels and increasing the use of electricity which is the cleanest energy.

201610e_page_54_03Seggi Century hopes these eff orts will last much longer in the world. For this reason, heating using electricity also is on the rise. There are many ways to use electricity for heating. Among them, heating fi lm does not do human bodies harm and is easy to install.

Thus, heating fi lm is gaining popularity in Western countries. The company based on faith and know-how produces and sells high-quality heating fi lm, Heatplus.

Seggi Century will continue to enhance its brand value and build its reputation.



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