Converting into Global Leader in Solar Energy Technology

201610e_page_46_03Connex Electronics has been mainly supplying automotive connectors since its foundation in 2001. It strives to satisfy customers’ requirements with its accumulated experience and technology in the fi eld of automotive electrical component fi elds. Connex will do its best in the coming years to ensure continued growth of the Korean automotive industry.

It started conducting technological development in the fi eld of solar energy from 2008 and developed several products such as junction box, connector, power maximizer and quick solar which is an independent portable solar system.

Connex has registered several patents and successfully executed technological development tasks for the Small and Medium Business Administration. Connex will keep striving to become a global leader in new and renewable energy industry in the coming years as well.

Connex is operating the quality management system for customer satisfaction and has acquired several certifi cations such as ISO9001, Venture Business, Inno-Biz and the company’s research center. It also has product performance certifi cations related to UL, TUV, CE, FCC, RoHS and KC.


Power Maximizer and Quick Solar

201610e_page_46_09Power maximizer maximizes PV system effi ciency at the lowest cost.

It increases energy effi ciency by recapturing up to 50% of lost energy in shade conditions.

Depending on its conditions, energy production increases by 10~40% typ. With compensation for panel-to-panel mismatch, dirt, dust, debris and bird droppings will no longer signifi cantly degrade array performance. Also, panel aging eff ects are minimized.

Power maximizer has multiple orientations and tilts with diff erent module sizes and shapes. It is possible to mix and match string lengths for bett er look and to replace a failed module easily with ability to use shorter/longer strings than normal. Maintenance cost is reduced with real-time monitoring of each module with zigbee telecommunication.

Remote search through internet portal and mobile devices is available.

Quick solar supplies power fast to people in disaster zone and remote area. It features fast power supply with easy and fast installation and full batt ery charging. It carries excellent quality with certifi ed components. It is a readily made product without any errors in installation. It has suffi cient batt ery storage that lasts for three days without sunshine.

Maximum power is up to 3.4KWp with embedded power maximizer. PV module tiling is optional. It also has compact design with PV module sliding and folding. It utilizes space effi ciently with easy transportation to remote areas.




Connex Electronics Co., Ltd.
Wonpogongwon-ro 54, Danwon-gu,
Ansan, Gyeonggi-do, Korea
Tel:(82-31)416-3833 Fax:(82-31)416-8633
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