Specialized in Producing High-Effi ciency Permanent Magnet Generators

https://korean-electronics.com//inquirySuntech was established in 1996 by its president, Sunhyoo Lee, in Suncheon, South Korea. The company specializes in manufacturing high-effi ciency generators and currently has 50 employees. Since its founding in 1996, Suntech has developed new technology for permanent magnet generators and as a result, it was awarded NEP (New Excellent Product) certifi cation by the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy, CE certifi cation, ISO9001, ISO14001 and defense quality from the defense agency for technology and quality.

Suntech has also acquired nine intellectual property rights in Korea and fi ve rights from overseas (USA, Japan, Europe and China) and its fl agship generator was certifi ed as a world-class product by the Korean government in 2012.

With its outstanding technology, it won four gold prizes at international invention exhibitions in Nuremberg (Germany), Geneva (Switz erland) and Pitt sburgh (USA) for technology of high-effi ciency permanent magnet generators.


Patented Environment-friendly Highly Effi cient Permanent Magnet Generator

Existing winding type revolving fi eld generators have a lot of coils and electric/electronic parts in them. And they need a winding mechanism and use a voltage controller, so they have some factors causing defects in operation.

201610e_page_45_03Because of overload, moisture, momentary inrush current caused by load, and lightning, internal parts of such winding type generators can be damaged, which stops the operation of the generator. Suntech has solved these problems by developing a high-effi ciency generator and using a permanent magnet rotor of 3~2000kw. In designing the rotor for the permanent magnet generator, Suntech used a fi nite element method. It could improve waveforms, eff ectively arrange a permanent magnet, design an optimum rotor and insert a magnet. By doing this, it minimized leakage fl ux and improved effi ciency.

The characteristics of Suntech’s generator include the facts that it can be used permanently without any defect and harmonics are very minute, so clean voltage is generated with excellent quality. The size of the generator is two-thirds of that of the existing generators, so it is easy to handle without restriction in regard to working environment and space.

Especially, its generator shows 98.62% effi ciency, which is over 6.72% higher than that of the existing generators (91.9%).

SMG (Suntech Permanent Magnet Generator) consists of a stator and a permanent magnet rotor. This simple structure helps to minimize output loss, which means SMG is highly effi cient. It has excellent safety because there is nearly no breakdown due to oil damage. Thanks to permanent magnet, SMG is not damaged by inrush current and short circuit.

What’s more, SMG is a reliable power generator for demanding military operations. SMG-1.5K is a power supply for Vulcan batt ery charger and a fi rst soundproof type of 1.5kw for military purposes. SMG-10K makes an ideal power supply for military bases and fi eld command posts. The company has already delivered 325 units to Army and Marine Corps. And the generator was selected as the best generator in 2011 by the Defense Acquisition Program Administration.


Suntech Co., Ltd.
101, Yulchonsandan4-ro, Haeryong-myeon, Suncheon,
Jeollanam-do, Korea
Tel:(82-61)720-4007 Fax:(82-61)722-3388
E-mail: suntech.ellie@gmail.com
Website: http://www.sun-tech.co.kr

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