Leading the Bathroom Culture with its Unique Bidets – Quoss

Leading the Bathroom Culture with its Unique Bidets – Quoss


201610e_page_42_03With an etymology “Quoss,” derived from the words “Ubiquitous” and “Essence,” Quoss has been working hard for developing, producing and marketing of bidets for customers’ health with confi dence and understanding. All employees of Quoss are working with great pride for improving customers’ health and hygiene by continuously promoting the electronic bidets with accumulated technology and skills over the past 20 years.

With a lot of cooperating companies and partners, Quoss actively introduces its technology to the international market with its premium bidets to lead the bathroom culture. Quoss creates new technologies and designs for manufacturing the best bidet with endless R&D and technical improvement and exports its unique bidets to the USA, Europe, Japan, France, Russia, China and Australia.


Paperless Smart Toilet System – Q Series Bidets

201610e_page_42_11Many people in Europe, Asia and America have been using the paperless toilet system over the past few years. In fact, over 80% of houses in Japan and Korea have bidets installed. One of the features that made the Q series essential bathroom accessories was that they fi t so easily into existing toilets.

Quoss bidets can be retrofi tt ed to any toilet seat within just 10-15 minutes without any modifi cation.

Just by pushing a butt on, the bidet toilet will thoroughly clean and dry you with a gentle stream of warm air. It is a cleaner, healthier and more eco-friendly option than using toilet paper. This hands-free toilet experience alone can signifi cantly reduce germs and bacteria contamination from unwashed or improperly washed hands at home.

201610e_page_42_05These premium electronic bidet seats, Q7000 series, for example, have many features. Their instant heating system enables a continuous supply of warm water for 24 hours without a change in its temperature. Automatic cleansing operates in sequence, providing cleansing, drying and deodorization. It is especially helpful for the disabled and elderly people.

Other features include nozzle self-cleansing, remote control, heated seat, deodorization and warm air drying.

The Q6000 series also has many of the same features as the Q7000 series. These include instant heating for 24 hours, turbo for regular motions, bubble cleansing, nozzle cleaning, warm air drying, heated seat, occupied seat sensor, illumination, aroma and water purifying fi lter.

There are also Q5000 series, which are quite aff ordable with still many functions, and the Q1000 series, which are not electronic bidet seats. They are manual with twin nozzles, solid die-cast lever and anti-slam lid.



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Tel: (82-32)715-7166
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Website: http://www.quoss.co.kr

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