Making a Breakthrough in the EDM Wire Industry

Since its establishment in 1988, Poongkook has been striving to realize bett er quality and expand facilities as a leading global company in the EDM wire industry. With strong support from valuable customers around the world, Poongkook products have been designated as “World-Class Product” by the Ministry of Trade, Industry & Energy in Korea. Even today, the company has been trying to develop and promote various Brass & Coated wire products for various customers’ needs and applications.

Poongkook is the fi rst EDM wire manufacturer awarded the “Prize for the Export of Twenty Million Dollars” on Trade Day in Korea. The company exports its products to 45 countries as a representative company of Korea.


PAPS CUT-S is made of single-structured brass and copper alloy. Therefore it performs outstandingly compared to cost for production of widely used WEDMs.

Since it has outstanding straightness and clean surfaces it performs excellent AWT (Auto Wire Thread) on any type of WEDMs but also prevents fl aking during WEDM operation.

PAPS CUT-ZS is the most suitable wire for high-speed and accurate cutt ing. Since it has a very solid layer between core and plating, it signifi cantly reduces fl aking and powdering. In addition, the solid plating layer guarantees consistent conductivity during WEDM operation.


Stable Supplier of High-Quality EDM Wires Supplying EDM

Wires, the essential materials for the molding industry, the aerospace industry and the electronics industry since 1986, Poongkook has strived to realize its vision of becoming “a company providing the best service and quality products to customers.” Therefore, the company has exerted itself to enhance humankind’s quality of life. Based on these eff orts, Poongkook is growing through ceaseless technology development and management innovation to become one of the best companies in the world.


The company secured the stable supply of medium brass wires, a material for EDM wires by sett ing up a joint venture with Poongsan, the best copper product company in Korea. Poongkook is committ ed to fulfi lling its responsibilities as a sincere corporate citizen while protecting the environment, helping realize people’s bett er lives and making contributions to society.


• Poongkook EDM Wire MFG Co., Ltd.
36, Nojang Gongdan-gil, Jeondong, Sejong, Korea
Tel: (82-2) 44-863-9601
Fax: (82-2) 44-863-9606
Website: | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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