Optical Bridge for Advanced Communication

Optical Bridge for Advanced Communication

https://korean-electronics.com//inquirySince its foundation in June 2001, Fostec has been consistently striving to become a socially responsible company, “A company that clients put their trust in,” based on its specialized technologies in development, manufacturing and sales in the fi eld of optical communication.

Fostec is committ ed to furthering its growth into a company that specializes in all fi ber optic needs, achieving productivity improvement through management, based on the importance of relationships between its company and others.


With the rapid growth of IT technology, such as FTTX, more effi cient and stable production is required especially nowadays. It prides itself in the numerous acknowledgments of its technology. For example, it has been recognized by LEMO of Switz erland for its technical capabilities.

201610e_page_33_03Fostec understands that client companies’ success brings prosperity to Fostec, and therefore, it will focus on development of new products with sustained eff orts in the future. With its mott o, “the best priority to quality of products,” it takes full responsibility for its products with 100% after-service for customers’ trust.

Fiber Optics Technology that Captivates the World Fiber Patch cord is the basic and most important fi ber optic path connecting fi ber devices to devices. Fostec’s products are compliant with international standards such as IEC & Telcodia, and it off ers various types of patch cord such as SC, LC, FC, ST, etc. Besides, as even it is supplying outdoor patch cord to the military industry, Fostec is always ready and happy to manufacture special or customized patch cord.

Fiber att enuator is used for fi ber signal att enuation.

It att enuates pure fi ber signals into required value to draw accurate fi ber transmission. Fostec’s products are compliant with international standards such as IEC & Telcodia, and it off ers various types of att enuator such as SC, LC, FC, ST, etc., which have high power endurance with high optical performance. Fostec off ers variable and line type att enuator as well as reacting with various customers.

Distribution tap is used for outdoor cable splicing on pole application. It also allows fi ber division and drop to disseminate fi ber data into various spots. As it has IP55 grade, it has dustproof and waterproof features to be used for outdoor purpose perfectly. Forty-eight fi bers cable can be spliced with up to 16 drop points for SC (32 drop points for LC). Distribution tap will give you the best satisfaction and is an essential option for FTTH application.





• Fostec Co.
Fostec Bldg., 40, Emtibeui 20-ro 12beon-gil, Danwon-gu,
Ansan, Gyeonggi-do, Korea
Tel: (82-31)318-9350
Fax: (82-31)-318-9352
E-mail: sales9350@fostec.co.kr
Website: http://www.fostec.co.kr



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