Two-Level Protection Solution against APT Attacks Set to Advance into Global Markets

Two-Level Protection Solution against APT Attacks Set to Advance into Global Markets

emerged as a new hacking technique used by cyber criminals to tenaciously att ack targets using various methods (e.g., e-mail and the Web) until their objectives are achieved.

Notably, NPCore has successfully developed a two-level APT defense solution “Zombie ZERO” and provided it to governments, fi nancial bodies, universities and enterprises.

The fi rm is a specialized company for APT and ransomware defense solutions and provides network and end-point security. It has gained fame in the anti-virus centric security market by constantly developing specialized malware detection/response solutions.



A New Security System to Defend APT Attacks

Zombie ZERO uses an agent-based behavioral detection system installed on PCs and a network-based behavioral detecting system analyzing fi les from network traffi c through virtual machines. A new security solution designed to defend against APT att acks and detect malware, Zombie ZERO provides robust information security to prevent data exfi ltration and network damages.

Zombie ZERO’s agent detects the increase of malicious entropy by classifying with behavior detection categories, including encrypting application program interface (API), fi le manipulating API and existence of signs.

So, when higher fi gures of entropy appear, it judges the process as a malware such as ransomware and isolates and uploads the patt ern data to enterprise security management (ESM). Then, Zombie ZERO ESM shares the patt ern data with other Zombie ZERO agents to prevent infection and spread. The agent detects and prevents specifi c unauthorized programs from modifying or manipulating the possessing fi les. The external confl icts are prevented by the installation in I/O driver level.

For enterprises, Zombie ZERO eff ectively detects, blocks, and quarantines malware code for network and end-point.

It is capable of detecting, blocking and quarantining through a behavior-based system. So, it can strongly protect vulnerable anti-virus software.

NPCore established a limited liability company (LLC) and branch offi ce in the USA and Vietnam in 2014 and is operating distributors in Japan, Indonesia, Taiwan and Malaysia. The company has already exported $200,000 worth of solutions to Japan.




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