Manufacturing Balloon Kyphoplasty, Video-Guided Catheter for Epiduroscopy, Surgical Power Tools and Saw Blades Since its establishment in 2004, Imedicom has developed as a leading medical device company manufacturing balloon kyphoplasty, video guided catheter for epiduroscopy, surgical power tools and saw blades. With certifi cations such as CE, ISO 13485, ISO9001 and FDA 510(K), Imedicom has kept developing products of the best quality for more than 10 years.
Imedicom Co., Ltd. is committ ed to satisfying the needs of surgeons and patients through the delivery of innovative and cost-eff ective solutions. It is an emerging medical corporation with its vision to provide medical instruments for people’s healthy life. Its strategy involves management by detail based on an idea that small things make a big difference.
Imedicom’s Products to Secure Health of Human Beings

1Imedicom has two kinds of power tool system: Jaguar and Leopard. The Jaguar powered instruments system is a batt eryoperated system, while the Leopard power tool system is a pneumatic system that is operated by compressed air or nitrogen. These two systems are intended for trauma and joint replacement surgery. They are approved by KFDA, CE and FDA.
For example, the BH100 Single Trigger Modular Handpiece rotates and changes att achments for drilling, reaming and pin driving. It has three modes – forward, reverse and safe – and adjustable running speed. On the other hand, MMS-100 is an air-driven power tool to use in cutt ing human bodies. This pneumatic power sagitt al saw is operated by nitrogen and compressed air. MEDINAUT Balloon Kyphoplasty System is intended to be used as conventional bone tamps for the reduction of vertebral compression fractures (VCFs) and/or creation of a void in cancellous bone in the spine during balloon kyphosplasty. It is approved by KFDA, CE, FDA, CFDA and ANVISA.
2MEDINAUT-X (IBE System) infl atable bone expander syringe by Imedicom is a 20ml disposable device with an integral pressure gauge, threaded piston assembly with a handle, a fl exible high pressure expansion tube, a 20ml locking syringe that is included for transfer of contrast media and a three-way valve for medium pressure.
3Spinaut epidural catheter and video guided catheter are products for patients with chronic back pain. As a minimal invasive surgery, Spinaut products are a good alternative for discogenic pain or spinal adhesion. Spinaut and Spinaut-V product treat pain with lysis delivering pain medication in the lower spinal column. It is approved by KFDA and CE. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

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