Shaving steamer [INQ. NO. 1610E12] BAE Intelligence, a promising small and medium-sized export enterprise, was established in December 2012 for the purpose of specializing in development and production of household appliances using IT technology.
Beginning with production of 100% eco-friendly LED hydroponics, for the first time in the world as of year 2016, it has launched a hypoallergenic shaving product exclusively for men, which provides moisturizing effect and skincare at the same time regardless of the age.
The shaving steamer from the company provides luxury design for men’s taste with the PTC-heater method, capable of generating steam quickly (30~50 seconds).
Shaving foam or gel is

201610e-87_07not needed at the time of T’mer steam shaving, and clean (hypoallergenic) shaving is possible by minimizing irritation to the skin with formation of the moisturizing layer through steam. It has the function of improving skin problems and the effect of aroma therapy with the natural T’mer pack’s steam bag.
Minimizing the use space is available with the wall-mounted type (also capable of being put on the table), and it enables the beginner to use easily with the functions of non-contact one touch ON/OFF and LED color indicator indicating the temperature state of steam. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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