Ceramic heating steamer & bamboo mop cleaner

https://korean-electronics.com//inquiry [INQ. NO. 1611E02] Hucera Ceramic Heating Steamer: Husera is a brand-new heating humidifier applying ceramic filter to increase the humidity in the air of a single room or an entire building.

This is the first patented method of its kind in the related market. 201611ee_page_18_10
The ceramic filter in the humidifier provides three different key functions simultaneously – antibacterial effect, absorption, and purification. Technically, there are two essential processes in humidifiers – bacteria and germs are sterilized at 100 degrees Celsius; after this process, the bacteria and germs are eliminated through ceramic filter. Consequently, the Husera has marvelous sterilizing power, which means this heating steamer does not require using any disinfectants and it may help reduce one’s concerns about the latest disinfectant-related respiratory diseases especially among children and pregnant women.

201611ee_page_18_14Mop & Roll Bamboo Cleaner Set: The patented bamboo cleaner completely removes dirt and contaminants from floor surfaces only simply by using water without soap. Free from fluorescent whitening agent, this floor cleaner features antibacterial effects and excellent cleaning ability. Founded in 1988, Hanmi Flexible Co., Ltd. is a Korean manufacturer of the main components of electronic products. This company has placed greater emphasis on both customer satisfaction and product orientation, and it also has made tremendous investments in building factories – not only in China but also in Vietnam – to grow to be recognized as a global-leading company in the field. Furthermore, Hanmi Flexible has been well aware of R&D capability as key to responding to uncertain business environments and an increasingly competitive market place. Each year the company invests up to 5% of its sales revenue into R&D activities to develop innovative technologies and products that can improve the quality of people’s lives.

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