Developing IT-Interactive Sports Equipment [INQ. NO. 1611E09] Altbee is a professional manufacturer that develops sports equipment that is interactive with IT through sports. Compared with common products based on this concept, Altbee researches and develops unique items from a different perspective and combines two different fields, sports and games, into one. And now it is creating a new business model based on this spirit.

Altbee believes that the youth have a creative ability in their own unique way by keeping vibrant motivation in the field. With Altbee LED Cruiser, they can gain confidence and try their best to exceed their own limits. Altbee has always been thinking that an innovative dream comes true in a better way.

201611ee_page_56_03Altbee LED Cruiser

By pressing a button you can make the Altbee LED Cruiser with LED technology a highlight in the city.

Each original skateboard has six color options to choose from, all of which can be used simultaneously. The light show is powered by a lithium-ion battery, which is stored in a secure and robust housing.

By incorporating honeycomb technology inside the polycarbonate housing, the rigidity of Altbee LED Cruiser is brought to a higher level. An additional support makes a polycarbonate plank strong with even more security. As for technical specifications, its length is 650mm and width 190mm. It weighs about 3.2kg with maximum support up to 120kg. It can be charged with a standard smartphone charger.

Calistyle import presents the new Altbee LED Cruiser.

This skateboard is made of transparent polycarbonate and reinforced by a duralumin structure that incorporates 26 LEDs inside offering seven different lighting effects including blue, white, green, yellow, red, pink and shows intermittent effects of all colors. This cruiser is assembled and consists of 78a / 60 mm wheels. This Altbee LED Cruiser is great for cruising, and enables sharp turns allowing a radical urban riding style.

The Altbee LED Cruiser supports any weight and will not break. The reinforcing structure duralumin is widely used in aviation, ensuring the highest resistance. The plates match the color of your Altbee wheels. Press the button, turn on the Altbee and glide on a beam of light. The Samsung battery charges in less than three hours and offers a range of more than 15 hours of pure light-emitting fun. As for more product details, it measures 26”L x 8”W x 4”H, and it features a micro USB charger, flexible trucks for quick turns and a smooth ride.

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