Providing and Analyzing Procurement Information of Governmental Agencies and Affi liated Organizations DongJin Company, Ltd. has for the past 15 years been building trust among member companies through provision and analysis of procurement information of governmental agencies and affi liated organizations.

Currently, it has approximately 200,000 vendors as members, and its global business team is responsible for trade, marketing and procurement for UN organizations with excellent commodities and service of these vendors.


S-paint (Rear-Type Projection Screen Paint, Smart Advertising Platform)
S-paint is an easy-to-apply, translucent paint specially developed for turning any smooth glass surface, such as a store-front window, into a projector screen. It is useful for retail stores, shopping malls, airports, trade shows, or simply anywhere.

With DonStop’s hardware and software platform, one can control projectors and any advertising templates together and create special events.

As for its benefi ts, one can create amazing displays for advertising and promotion and turn existing glass structures into high-quality video displays at a fraction of the cost of a large-format display screen.

It is simple to apply and easy to remove, so one can create a “pop-up’ event wherever one has window space. One can att ract customers with compelling professional video content, and it is eco-friendly with no harmful chemicals.
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