Smartphone car mount [INQ. NO. 1611E07] In the fast-changing and diversified smartphone car mount market, TTR has always carried out R&D to make imperatively necessary products, especially ones that are more easy and convenient for customers to use. With an investment in the improvement of competitive viability and an advanced management philosophy that prioritizes becoming a trustworthy company and satisfying customers, it repays its customers for their loyalty and support by constantly conducting research and development activities.

TTR’s smartphone car mount is used for installing a smartphone in the center of the steering wheel of a vehicle. You can simply change the position of the smartphone from vertical to horizontal as you want. Also, you can use a smartphone in a convenient and safe way while you drive, stop or park a car.

Since it is installed in the center of a steering wheel, you can easily use a speakerphone with both hands free, and it is also very convenient to use the smartphone as a navigator. While the car is stopped or parked, you can check and send text messages. If the product is installed on a passenger seat or back seats, fellow passengers can enjoy watching DMB or play a game very conveniently. TTR promises it will do its best to retain its customers’ trust by excellent management of quality, rapid and precise follow-up service and communication with customers.

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