Expanding into Renewable Energy, Eco Car, Environment, IT and Medical Fields

https://korean-electronics.com//inquiryIt was 1987 when TODAISU Corporation was fi rst founded as ISU Ceramic Corporation, an affi liate of ISU group. In 2008, ISU group in South Korea and TODA group in Japan concluded an agreement on a joint project and since then, they have been working as a fi fty-fi fty joint venture company.


Initially, the company led the parts industry of the global display market by mainly producing DY core and LCD for TV, Ferrite core and others for PDP, but today, with accumulated technologies and practical abilities, they are proceeding with multiple new projects in several fi elds such as NFC antenna and WPC for smartphones, EMC fi lter which is a component for wind power or photovoltaic facilities, radio wave absorbents, EV and HEV for automobiles, parts for inductors, and others.

TODAISU’s soft ferrite includes Mn-Zn ferrite, metal powder, high current SMD inductor, which are applied to converter, inverter and fi lter of LED, LCD, PDP TV and electronic products. Lately, they are also applied to fi elds of LCD converter, batt ery charger, and high-speed batt ery chargers for hybrid and electric cars.

Also, TODAISU is producing WPT and NFC related products in the IT fi eld. In conclusion, TODAISU is expanding its development and market to renewable energy, eco car, environment, IT, and the medical fi eld.

SMD Power Inductor


Currently, TODAISU’s SMD power inductor is applied to power boards of appliances, with Samsung and LG being its main clients. TODAISU’s inductor is also supplied to Hyundai KIA and European automobile companies for DC-DC converters and lamps. SMD power inductor features low profi le, high current capability and low DCR, low temperature and increased thermal effi ciency.

Its applications range from LCD, to LED display, high current DC-DC and AC-DC converters, voltage regular module (VRM), desktop and laptop PC, UMPC, car audio, HID ballast, set top box, communication modules, and portable electronics.

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