Manufacturing Wearable Devices, Smart Band, BT Headset as Croise – ICT brand of Partron was established by key fi gures who had led the RF business at Samsung Electro-Mechanics in January 2003.
201610e-79_06Partron has begun its business with acquiring the mobile phone duplexer and isolator business from Samsung Electro-Mechanics in March 2003. Partron has boldly invested in R&D to bring technological innovation in the existing business and new business as well.
Its main products are camera module, dielectric chip antenna, etc. for mobile and telecommunication devices. It aggressively invested in its products and it certainly has a strong position in this fi eld. Also, it was not complacent in this position and expanded to ‘Croise’ as an ICT brand. Patron accumulated superior self technique for years and ‘Croise’ is using this technique and manufactured excellent wearable devices, smart band, BT headset, etc.
Three Major Products in the Name of Croise – Smart Band, BT Headset and Smart Thermometer

201610e-79_14PWB-100 (Smart Band) is an urban band that can manage your conditions and physical activities. It comes in only black with urban and sporty feelings, featuring skin infrared thermometer, which has been certifi ed by MDITAC Korea, temperature sensor, heartbeat sensor and atmosphere sensor. It supports three diff erent modes, urban, extreme and measure.
201610e-79_03Urban mode measures physical and environmental conditions aff ecting stress, sleep and physical activity.
Extreme mode expresses speed/distance/time, consumed calorie/exercise pace based on specifi c exercise mode.
Finally, measure is all about direct measuring of body temperature, heartbeat and swing speed count.
201610e-79_11PBH-200(BT Headset) produces high-quality music beyond the limit by adopting APT-X codec and providing CD-level high quality sound. It features APT-X technology and “CD-Like Quality” sound over Bluetooth. By adopting CVC (Clear Voice Control), it fi lters out noise and echo once more to transfer clear voice to the other party. Voice notifi cation of headset status is available with voice prompt.
SMS reader reads incoming text messages so it is useful when driving or diffi cult to reach the smartphone.
PTD-100 (Smart Thermometer) is a non-contacting type of thermometer that could measure temperature of the human body and objects. This skin infrared thermometer has diverse measuring functions and fancy design. It features easy and simple measure by connecting with a mobile phone ear jack. It also provides quick information on nearby hospitals/pharmacies by search. It is a non-contacting type that ensures safety and sanitation based on infrared non-contacting type. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

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