No. 2 Bio Venture Company in the Field of Animal Disease Diagnostics Reagent Established in 2003, Bionote is a bio venture company that has been growing consistently in the fi eld of animal disease diagnostics reagent. It is now No. 2 in the world in terms of sales, exporting about 100 animal disease diagnostics reagents to approximately 90 countries around the world, through continuous product development, aggressive marketing and sales strategies.

201612ee_page_30_03 Bionote researches new diseases for dog, cat, ruminant, pig and chicken and makes diagnostic tools. Main products include rapid test kit, ELISA, immunofl uorescent device, etc., for which Bionote is responsible for research, development, production and even sales.

Especially, Rapid MERS CoV Ag kit has been registered on OIE and recognized as a global gold standard diagnosis.

Bionote obtained OIE certifi cation for its Rapid MERS CoV Ag kit for the fi rst time, drawing a lot of att ention internationally.


Immunofl uorescent Device Vcheck and CRP Kit – the Latest Releases from Bionote

201612ee_page_30_06Bionote recently released its immunofl uorescent device ‘Vcheck’ along with a CRP kit. Vcheck shows superior accuracy compared with other equipment. This is because it measures result values using accurate fl orescent material, eventually drawing more trustworthy results.

The fi rst sales item of Vcheck is CRP, acute phase protein, which shows refl ected index of infl ammatory status of dogs more immediately than WBC. It is possible for various applications clinically with early diagnosis, estimates on infl ammation and infection, evaluation of treatment and recovery monitoring.

Vcheck CRP can draw result values within 5 minutes after inserting CRP kit into the immunofl uorescent device Vcheck. And its high accuracy has been recognized in various tests. The examination is possible with only 3ul of blood and shows wide span, 10~200mg/L.

In addition, Bionote is planning to release a SAA kit which is also called Cat CRP. Bionote is researching and developing T4, Cortisol, TSH, D-dimer, cPL, fPL as a series of Vcheck. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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