Nasal insert type mask[INQ. NO. 1702E01] AirLab is a company that develops and produces ‘Nase Clean’, a nasal insert type mask that blocks dust, fi ne dust and pollen. The number of respiratory disease patients is growing by 15% or more every year due to dust, The number of deaths from air pollution accounts for 15.9% in Korea alone. ‘Nose Clean’ is a product that boasts excellent fi t and excellent fi ltering, and serious changes in air pollution are calling for the necessity of this product more and more.
Nose Clean is a three-stage ‘nasal insert type mask’ consisting of body, fi lter and double tube. The ‘body’ of LDPE material and ‘double tube’ made of silicone are semi-permanentuse and replaceable natural fi lter It is a hygienic product. The most important ‘fi lter’ is composed of natural Korean paper and cott on. It is an ecofriendly material with ‘phytoncide’ added, which is excellent in bacterial cleansing function and lowered human stimulation. In addition, as a result of dust collection effi ciency test, PM2.5 fi ne dust can be reduced to 58.3% ~ 69.1%.
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