Conventional X-ray System[INQ. NO. 1702E06] Medonica was founded in 2009 in Seoul, South Korea. The core business of the company is the production of high-quality and modern X-ray machines. Medonica’s equipment is developed by highly qualified Korean specialists with many years of experience in the field of X-ray technology. Its experts are not just experienced engineers but qualified doctors with experience of clinical work in hospitals, well versed in the specifics of medical equipment in practice. Medonica has four major items of equipment that all are highly developed and qualified x-ray system and they are listed as below: 1.IZI mobile x-ray system, 2. RFM-525HF, 3. Blue DR, 4. UNO. And with its continuous challenge and effort, its new MRI system, Magvue made a global impact.
Designed for flexibility and friendly use in all general radiographic procedures, enhances productivity, user operability, patient comfort and safety. A ceiling-suspended X-ray tube system with a wide range of movement allows excellent imaging, technique flexibility and easy access to the patient. This enhanced flexibility is ideal for 201702e_%ed%8e%98%ec%9d%b4%ec%a7%80_18_03imaging centers that demand high productivity to meet fast patient throughput.
The system is DR ready and can accept any commercially available DR flat panel, fully-integrated or portable. The compact, space-saving high voltage generator provides more working space as well as a flexible layout. A ceilingsuspended X-ray tube further increases the spatial area around the patient on a bucky table or trolley. RFM-525HF is Medonica’s general radiographic system for compact floor-ceiling / wall mounted tube support installations, designed to exacting specifications to deliver highperformance, high-quality, and cost-effective operation in a superior general radiographic system. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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