Competitive X-ray Equipment Expanding Technological Horizons on the Global Market[INQ. NO. 1702E20] Based on technology accumulated over 27 years, Won Solution Co. has distinguished itself by specializing in the X-ray equipment field. With ISO 9001 and 13485 certifications, the manufacturer has acquired the CE mark for its products, in an eff ort to expedite overseas marketing.
The firm’s WSR-40 HF diagnostic radiographic system has a tube unit of max.  500mA (300mA and 600mA are also available) at 125kVp. Equipped with a 40kW HF generator, the model employs the high frequency inverter method, thereby reducing the shooting time by about 50% compared with ordinary 201702e_%ed%8e%98%ec%9d%b4%ec%a7%80_26_03products. Its compact control console permits wallmounted operation and can be remote-controlled for more user convenience.
Notably, the company’s WSR-40 2Plus has almost the same structure as WSR-40, except for its two flat panel detector (FPD) digital radiography.
The firm’s popular models include WSRF-50 radiographic & fluoroscopic system with a tube unit featuring max. 650mA at 150kVp. The model comes with a 50kW HF generator. Employing the high frequency inverter method, it allows the user to freely choose ordinary radiographic mode or special fluoroscopic mode.
Another popular WSM-300 HF & mobile radiographic system is equipped with a control unit featuring 300mA at 125kVp. The model comes with a 30kW HF generator. 201702e_%ed%8e%98%ec%9d%b4%ec%a7%80_26_14Measuring 210(W) x 970(L) x 1,910(H)mm, its tube support unit permits vertical travel of 770~1,770mm and transverse travel of 700~870mm. Its mobile cart measures 600 x 1,065 x 1040mm and it has a locking system with a cassett e box. The WSM-300P model has the same structure as the WSM- 300 except for a power supply unit.

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