Liposuction equipment[INQ. NO. 1702E30] CHUNGWOO Medical Co., Ltd. is an enterprise specializing in IT-integrated medical equipment and is developing and producing diverse and specialized medical equipment based on new ideas, new technology, and new concepts. Based on the management philosophy of “Contribution to healthy and beautiful life,” and with the management goal of giving priority to “Confidence”, “Technology,” and “Quality,” and with the staff’s challenging spirit and innovative thinking, it produces only the products which can satisfy the customers. As a result, it is building up confidence, along with favorable evaluations in many countries besides Korea.
CHUNGWOO Medical has differentiated its products with the high-quality strategy carried forward consistently, based on high performance, high quality, and excellent design. With the company’s original technology secured over a long period time and high-quality competitiveness, it has been striving for development of new products continuously. As a result, it is planning to expand its business into various medical device areas in the mediumto long-term and, furthermore, continuously endeavors to become a global healthcare enterprise.
CHUNGWOO Medical is an enterprise specializing in radio frequency and ultrasound medical equipment. Anchor products are APOLEX, the liposuction equipment using the radio frequency and CONTLEX, the equipment for reduction of skin wrinkles and lifting using the ultrasonic energy. APOLEX is the only liposuction equipment equipped with radio frequency in Korea. As the 1MHz RF(radio frequency) technology was applied for the first time in Korea through the development of Cannula to which the company’s technology has boiled down, APOLEX is liposuction equipment capable of operating lifting as well as fat melting and liposuction simultaneously, which is differentiated from other equipment.
Besides APOLEX, CHUNGWOO Medical is producing diverse and specialized medical equipment for skin, obesity and beauty treatment, such as ROBOLEX which is a therapeutic equipment for treating obesity combined with the synergy eff ect of vacuum suction, radio frequency and laser. ELLISYS is a skin regeneration equipment that proliferates fi broblasts fi t for the patient by sticking a gold-plated fi ne needle into the required skin layer and putt ing the radio frequency into the needle, and thereby making minor injury and collagen denaturation poles. By synthesizing collagen and elastine, and, as a result, maximizing the spontaneous cure of skin, RAFOS Premium is radio frequency equipment including the function of both CET and RET as the device capable of treating the cellulite reduction and pain most eff ectively.
CONTLEX is skin lifting equipment using ultrasound, and at present it is a key skin-related product and one of the best-selling items. Its distinct feature is that it generates heat in a specifi c part which is eff ective for lifting by highintensity focused ultrasound, then coagulates the part and thus does not incur thermal damage except for the focused part. As the skin does not turn red and no scabs are formed, daily life is possible immediately after the operation and extra recovery time is not required, thereby enhancing the patients’ satisfaction.
Medical application of ultrasound started at the time of World War II, and since then ultrasound not only has held an unchallenged position in the 21st century diagnosis and treatment domain, but also has been developing repeatedly these days through fusion of medical imaging equipment like MRI and treatment technique using laser, etc.
Among these, since it appeared for the fi rst time in 1993, HIFU (High-Density Focused Ultrasound) has been developing and recording high growth with China as the center, which is leading the relevant research, technical development and industrialization on the strength of state-level active investment and support, as well as in the USA, Europe and Japan.
On the other hand, in Korea, most of the medical equipment applying HIFU is still foreign-made, and the level of relevant research and technical development remains in the beginning stages, thereby requiring urgent countermeasures.201702e_%ed%8e%98%ec%9d%b4%ec%a7%80_33_03In relation to product development applying HIFU technology, a spokesperson for the company explained, “In order to initiatively break through this situation in Korea, CHUNGWOO Medical has been proactively proceeding with meticulous research on HIFU. Owing to this result, we are acknowledged as Korea’s leading enterprise both in name and reality in terms of industrialization of HIFU, enough to be selected as one of the 100 excellent products of the State Research and Development.”
In a situation where there is growing competition among advanced countries of HIFU-applied medical equipment technology, such as the USA, Europe, Japan, China, the performance and technological prowess of the HIFU-applied ultrasonic equipment provided by CHUNGWOO entirely with domestic technology are evaluated to stand comparison with those of advanced countries. Based on this technological prowess, the company is extending the application scope of the device to abdomen, thigh, etc., as well as face.
Regarding the specific sales increase followed by activities of CHUNGWOO’s ultrasound and radio frequency product brands, CEO Lee explained, “Last year, we marked a turning point on the strength of lineup of ultrasound and radio frequency products, like passing KRW 10 billion of sales. This year, we will not only step up to enter the fi rst-class medical equipment business circle by accomplishing groundbreaking growth to reach up to KRW 20 billion in sales, but also strive for the development of core technology all the more in order to release both the technology-leading products of the ultrasound/radio frequency area that we have pursued continuously for contributing to the development of the domestic ultrasound industry and the higher value-added products meeting the expectations of users.”
With regard to the technological competitiveness and strengths of CHUNGWOO Medical CEO Lee said, “We can say the strengths of CHUNGWOO Medical are that we possess a total of 28 domestic and international patents obtained until now, and we have more than 30 pending patents. We focus on investment in technology to the extent that 40% of the 70 staff s are R&D personnel.
By investing more than 15% of sales in the development of medical equipment every year, we release two to three new products annually.” | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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