Integrated and Automated Analytics Platform[INQ. NO. 1704E02] Amgine Securus Inc. has designed a technology solution titled “Threatsift” for enhanced investigation. This technology makes it possible to profile correlations between intrusion groups and intrusion incidents as well as the intruders through an automated analysis framework utilizing diverse invasive resources such as malware, URL and phishing mail.
Few organizations really understand their cyber security incidents and are typically not well-prepared in terms of processes. In practice, it is often difficult for organizations to identify the incident they are facing until they have carried out an investigation.
Threatsift enables integrated and automated analytics platforms based on extensive intrusion resources (Domain, IP, PE, PE32+, APK, EML, PCAP, PDF, FLASH, etc.). It provides the basis for linkage analysis and history management with regard to the results of automated analytics. It supports strategic responses to advanced, organized threats on the basis of extensive analyses of resource reputation.

It enables unified responses to mass invasive resources through prompt analysis and collection of evidence. It can guide response contacts based on the results of linkage analysis into the characteristics of intruders and intrusions. Thus, the technology ensures enhanced competence in monitoring, analyzing, and counteracting invasive resources used by intrusion groups.
Amgine Securus Inc. has continued to establish cyber intelligence and investigation systems for major public institutions and governmental agencies in South Korea. In particular, Amgine has accumulated its core competencies through a great deal of experience in the development of innovative materialization for interrelationship of threat resources and has the ownership of pertinent solutions in the fields of cyber investigation, threat response, and digital forensics. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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