Kia Motors’ Niro Ranks 4th in U.S Hybrid Car Market in Feb. 2017 Motors Corp.’s compact hybrid sports utility vehicle (SUV), Niro, ranked fourth in the U.S. hybrid vehicle market based on sales within just a month of its release in America.
According to American hybrid car review website, Kia’s Niro sold 2,143 units in January to rank the fourth in the U.S hybrid car market based on sales. Japan-based Toyota’s Prius topped the list with 5,418 units sold followed by Ford’s Fusion Hybrid with 4,939 units. Toyota’s RAV4 ranked the third by having sold 3,080 units. Kia’s Niro comprised 7.56 percent in America’s total hybrid car market.
Kia Niro’s quick success comes largely from its outstanding performance and design that were recognized internationally. The eco-friendly SUV sold a total of 50,407 units including 19,683 units at home and 30,722 units abroad until January this year to surpass the 50,000 unit milestone in just 10 months since its launch.
The automaker’s Super Bowl, the most beloved sports event in the USA, commercial for the all-new 2017 Niro crossover also has contributed to the hybrid SUV’s success, industry watchers said. Its TV commercial titled “Hero’s Journey” that aired in the third quarter of the big American football game was selected as the favorite in the 2017 YouTube AdBlitz championship and the 29th annual USA TODAY Ad Meter competition. It also recorded over 20 million views on the global video portal site YouTube.

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