LED UV Printers

https://korean-electronics.com//inquiry[INQ. NO. 1704E05] DMPS’s latest UV LED printer(DMP- 4275UV) can print on diverse materials like plastic, metal, wood, and acryl. High-quality realistic images, logo, and text can be printed. UV ink is strong in durability, strong against chemicals, providing white ink to print on dark products.

UV ink does not tarnish much, is strongly resistant to chemicals printable on diverse materials, and has excellent durability. LED lamp has a long life, and does not generate ozone. As the LED lamp does not generate high heat, it can be used for materials susceptible to heat. Unlike a disposable cartridge, this system can make use of 100% ink. A sensor automatically controls the distance of a print head. If DMPS RIB is selected, white and color can be printed at the same time.

Printable area is 360mm x 750mm (14” x 29.5”). Printable maximum material thickness is 150mm(5.9”). Printable materials include wood, metal, ceramic tile, plastic, glass, industrial parts, and promotion products.

Based on nearly 20-years of manufacturing experience in screen printers and accumulated technology, DMPS has grown into a leading printer manufacturer with product lines for direct digital fl at printers and UV LED digital fl at printers.

DMPS’s printers are widely used for a variety of products, including digital decoration or signs, interior products, gift products and plaques. Although it holds the largest market share, the company continues its R&D eff orts to develop new printers desired by customers and various special inks to accommodate a wide range of media. The company produces customer-oriented products.

To increase precision, safety and user-friendly features, its products are backed by international certifi cations, including ISO9001, ISO14001 and CE and patents. Also, it provides customer services within 12 hours after a request for A/S. Its prompt customer services are applied to the global markets as it opens its branch offi ces in North America and Europe and localizes its marketing strategy.

DMPS stays ahead in developing new printing technology, which delivers high-quality printing in full color, high resolution, direct printing on objects, eco-friendly printing systems such as UV-LED printing and eco-friendly inks. Its printers are the best choice for printing, regardless of desired production volume.
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