Ultrasound Devices & Automatic Injector


[INQ. NO. 1704E12] EunSung Global, established in 1995, has been leading the medical aesthetic industry in pursuit of high quality and best solutions for maintaining beauty and health, and currently provides its products and services to more than 100 clients in 70 countries worldwide.


Microson Dual

A unique and effective aesthetic device designed using ultrasound technology to deliver face-lifting & custom contouring fat reduction for the body.
Microson Dual is a portable high-intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) system for facial lifting that produces focal thermal coagulation points using the superficial musculoaponeurotic system (SMAS), deep dermis and subcutaneous adipose tissue.
This non-invasive, non-surgical ultrasound system provides facial- and body-lifting effects without causing superficial damage while incorporating five cartridges and a dual handpiece for convenient treatment.


Special Features of Microson Dual

This compact and convenient product has powerful energy density in the focused area leading to superior therapeutic results.
With accurate depth and focusing – triple depth for facelifting and a single depth for the body, the Microson Dual promotes wrinkle improvement by boosting superfi cial dermal neocollagenesis through TCPs produced in collagen-rich dermis layers of 1.5 mm depth.
Deep dermis at 3.0 mm depth from the skin surface is connected to SMAS layers by fi brous septa. The Microson Dual also promotes facial lifting and collagen regeneration by producing TCPs in the deep dermis.
The SMAS layer is an area of musculature of the face that exists in 4.5 mm depth from the skin surface. The SMAS layer is composed of collagen and elastic fi bers and plays the role of delivering muscle contraction to the skin surface. The Microson Dual enables nonsurgical facial lifting by producing TCPs in SMAS layers.
Temperature of fat layer induces reduction of the fat layer through the coagulation necrosis of adipocytes at over 56 degrees. Efficiently reduces fat layer by applying HIFU onto 13mm depth from the skin surface at the part with a thick layer of fat in the body such as the abdomen area.


Vital Injector 2

Vital Injector 2 is an innovatively upgraded product of the original Vital Injector, an aqua lifting automatic injector. It has adopted the newest technique to use fi ve needles simultaneously which maximizes the eff ect and shortens the time of the treatment. It has also adopted the disposable fi lter system which off ers safe treatments in a hygienic environment.
Built with advanced hygiene-centric technologies inside, this small but highly capable item effectively protects the system making it safer and cleaner for reliable, confident treatment.


Special Features of Vital Injector 2

Its newly developed vacuum-assisted needle delivers all the essential functionality to meet clinical needs as the pressure release needle enables one to inject all needles beneath the skin and subcutaneous tissues, thus minimizing drug loss.
Also the controlled depth adjustment from 0mm to 5mm at 0.2mmintervals delivers customized treatment to accurately target the sub dermis where most of the collagen and elastin exists. The 31G, five-pin multi-needle provides dynamically faster treatment.


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