ICT Security Locking Solution

https://korean-electronics.com//inquiry[INQ. NO. 1706E10] The electronic lock of PLATFORMBASE is a locking device in which use record is stored to the lock and key automatically. Due to the development of industry, interest in security and key management is increasing, and Hyper Lock & Key of PLATFORMBASE will be an alternative as a solution for that issue.
Hyper Lock & Key is a product that electronically complements the disadvantages of the mechanical locks such as illegal opening & closing/unavailability of storage of use records/replacement cost in case of loss and its problems/difficulties in management. It is possible to open N units of locks with just one key, and N pieces of keys are usable to one lock. Use recordsare stored in both the key and lock, and real-time control is available using the network.
It was possible to be miniaturized as there is no battery in the lock, so it can be applied to various places such as communication enclosures and server racks where a digital door lock cannot be installed. Having no battery, there can be no problems due to electric shock and thunderbolt in case of outdoor installation; therefore it is widely used for outdoor communication equipment enclosures, logistics containers, etc.

Its applicable fields are as follows: Casinos where the needs of security and use of the locking device are a lot (coin locker,etc.), transportation facilities (airport, railway, etc.), industrial facilities (factory equipment and facilities), schools (facilities, lockers, etc.), hospitals (drug storage tray, etc.), general buildings, etc.

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