Modular Battery Systems[INQ. NO. 1706E12] Please tell us about the driving forces of growth along with the company introduction
DoTheG is a company that develops and manufactures eco-friendly concept products that everyone can easily relate to. We are currently developing a modular battery system that combines the opinions and ideas of many people with the green energy products , such as photovoltaic power generation, wind power generation, etc.

What is your company’s main product?
There is already a large supply of high capacity powerbank, which is required for smart devices (smartphones, Tablet PCs). The G-POWER battery line, which was developed and distributed by DoTheG, provides a user-customizable battery capacity and various modular unit-coupled idea applications (such as fan, LED, beam projector, etc.). This helps users to enjoy a simple and smart life without cumbersome wired connections. We are now entering the market for various SMART USB applied products.

Please tell us about your major export markets and emerging promising markets
Various applied products that can be used in everyday life, regardless of indoors or outdoors, are becoming increasingly popular among consumers. Due to the power supply and size varying by products, the line-up products of G-POWER, developed with one concept and theme, are favored by all people regardless of age and gender. In addition, many people who enjoy outdoor activities (camping, fishing, climbing, etc.) are looking for products suited to small and portable devices.

Do you have management philosophy as CEO?
As many other electronic devices (such as mini fans, mini beam projectors and portable lights) that I have used in my favorite pastime of outdoor living (such as camping and fishing) have good performance, but because of the unmatched power supply, I decided to produce the G-POWER line-up. I thought of other people are seeking the same convenience, just like me, so I gathered opinions from many people and reflected them in the product development. We pay attention to the belief that good performance can be achieved by meeting the needs of many buyers from overseas markets such as North America and China.

Please tell us about your vision and something to the company’s overseas buyers and customers
I would be grateful if you could look forward to the further development of DoTheG’s G-POWER line, which always creates ideas that cannot be realized by others. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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