Non-powered Gagets to Power Entire Class of Immersive User Experience[INQ. NO. 1706E14] Please tell us about the driving forces of growth and introduce our readers to your company
WideVantage is an immersive UX company that combines proprietary software with patented hardware products to provide enhanced control and functionality on mobile devices.
Our company’s three products, the MotionPen (3D stylus), the MotionPlay (mobile phone joystick), and MotionVR (VR controller), are free from constraints caused by connectivity, batt ery life, and excessive costs.
Founded in 2013, WideVantage has operations in Seoul and New York and has been featured in The Next Web.
Our company’s debut product, the MotionPen 3D stylus, had two successful crowdfunding campaigns in 2016 nett ing $300,000 combined.


We would like to hear more about your company’s main products
Users’ experiences of controlling content with mobile accessories have major shortcomings. In uses such as gaming joysticks and VR viewers, Bluetooth connectivity is unstable, requires frequent charging, and can be expensive. Widevantage’s proprietary software + a line of patented hardware allow a painless mobile experience free of connectivity/battery life/cost issues.
Conventional game controllers require complex circuits, Bluetooth communication, and power in a much bigger form factor.
MotionPlay is a ring-sized game controller for mobile without battery/Bluetooth. Its always-on gadget clips onto your phone and turns your phone into a true gaming pad. The benefits include full screen visibility (no screen space lost to gameplay mechanics), no distractions (tactile feedback enables intuitive, more precise gameplay). It needs no battery or Bluetooth. Just clip it on and enjoy games.

MotionPen is a battery/Bluetooth-free pen that’s always-on with the following intelligent functions and impressive features as 3D hovering & joystick function, pencil-like fl ip-to-erase, and no battery and Bluetooth is required.
And this has ideal design for toys and education. This comes with writing/drawing app and fi ve educational game apps for kids. Competitors’ pens are fi ve times more expensive, requires frequent charging and Bluetooth pairing. MotionVR permits uniquely immersive joystick-based navigational control. It is compatible with all phones, and is an aff ordable 360 VR solution. It is cardboard-based like with Google’s headset.

Please tell us about your major export markets and recently emerging markets
WideVantage focuses on the tech toy and mobile entertainment industry with its very unique product line. Because Widevantage provides always-on, extremely user-friendly gadgets, the two industry sectors are natural fi t to the company. Recently, worldwide advertising agencies want to work with WideVantage, seeking to place WideVantage’s low-cost, intuitive-to-use hardware in shops to promote more visits by customers. They also want to use WideVantage products as promotional gifts.

If you have a special management philosophy as a CEO, could you please share it with us?
I try to benefi t as many people as possible by utilizing the world’s most ubiquitous computing platform – smartphones. Jaeyong is a born-inventor and wants to provide accessible gadgets to enhance user experience of smartphones.

Please tell us about your future vision and give us a few words for overseas buyers and customers
Thank you! KITAS helped Widevantage in the initial stage. It’s an awesome show. After the show, WideVantage partnered with North America companies to carry out Kickstarters, etc. Naver, “the Google of Korea,” also invested in our company. WideVantage will continue to revolutionize the way we interact in cyber space, and continue to provide you with unexpected surprises! | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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