The World’s Smallest Projector[INQ. NO. 1706E15] Please introduce your company to our readers, and tell us about the driving force of its growth
EFIC is a start-up company aiming to show how ideology and ideas that are different from others can change the world. Mini Ray by EFIC is the world’s smallest projector, which differentiates it from other products in this category.
Mini Ray, which is quite unique compared with similar products, is based on the special ideology of EFIC, a company that truly believes in thinking differently from others.

We would like to hear more about your company’s main products
Mini Ray, an ultralight, sub-miniature mini-beam projector (27g, 4.4cm) is a product developed with the intention to focus on portability and simplicity that only mini-beams can have, ignoring the idea that it should exceed the limit of the mini beam.
Mini Ray is acknowledged for its excellent costeffectiveness due to its simple operation by adopting a simple USB connecting method, unlike models of other similar product groups pursuing multi functions that cannot be realized properly.
By overcoming the issue of portability and simple operation that mini-beam projects should have, it is turned on when it is inserted and turned off when it is removed like other USB products, due to its advantage that it can be carried anytime and anywhere. It is surprisingly small and light and has a distinctive characteristics that it is a product realizing small but clear images.
At present, this amazing product is sold at Hi-Mart and through various online distribution channels in Korea and exported to 12 countries. Accordingly, its accumulated sales in excess of 10,000 units. Also, with its distinctive characteristics, it became a steady seller exceeding the limit of commercial life expectancy that is often unavoidable due to the characteristics of electronic devices. It is thus expected that sales will grow continue to grow for quite some time.

Please tell us about your major export markets and recently rising promising markets
The size of the mini-beam projector market, unlike the decreasing trend of the tablet market in the mobile market due to development of mobile phones’ performance and enlargement of mobile phones’ screens, tends to increase continuously due to the characteristics that large-screen can be realized by connecting to a mobile device.
Furthermore, we have been constantly collaborating with mobile phone manufacturers providing Mini Ray as a free gift in marketing competition among manufacturers due to upward standardization of mobile phone technology.
In Korea, it is prohibited to provide Mini Ray as a free gift due to the law on restricting phone subsidies, but this is still considered as an effective marketing strategy in foreign markets.

If you have a special management philosophy as a CEO, could you please share it with us?
To survive in the market, starting from a small company, I always thought that I should find answers where others have not thought of and explored yet.
There are surely enough areas where people have given a thought while considering business value but haven’t tried yet. If you can find an answer there, I think that it is possible to secure a successful market even though a company is small.
Never miss things that others think are maybe absurd or parts where others suspect there are a possibility. That is what our employees think about.

Please tell us about your future vision and give us a few words for overseas buyers and customers
Mini Ray has a small size but features strong image. I think that you can understand this sufficiently if you see the real products. All concepts of the product are focused on portability and simple operation of the mini beam, drastically removing multi-functional parts of other similar product groups.
It is true that a lot of parts should be considered and pondered on due to the characteristics of the trade business, but companies that imported Mini Ray in earnest requested additional orders and their satisfaction with sales is quite high. Please, therefore, show us lots of support. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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