Smart Monitoring Thermometer[INQ. NO. 1706E16] Please tell us about the driving forces of growth along with the company introduction
ChoisTechnology has focused on developing Radio Frequency (RF) interface devices such as RF Presenter and RF PC remote controller. We first introduced the “X-Pointer,” a device that can be used to control PCs and to make presentations without any external hardware or assistance in 2002. X-Pointer has evolved into a brand or product that can represent wireless presentation tools, and also has grown to become the market leader in Korea.
We released the XPM series, which includes the Magic Key function that allows the user to set and use the buttons as desired. X-pointer Mobile by smartphone was introduced in 2012, which was the first in the world.
In recent years, we have entered the next-generation U-Healthcare field based on the wireless interface technology we have accumulated over the past 16 years, and have developed a wireless patient monitoring system that can monitor the patient’s condition in pulse oximeter (SpO2), and electrocardiogram monitor. The Thermosher, a smart thermometer that can be real-time monitored, was developed last year as part of the U-Healthcare technology development.

What is your company’s main products?
As the world’s first wireless presentation tools developer, ChoisTechnology has been marketing X-pointer, which is popular both at home and abroad. Based on our 16 yearexperience in wireless interface technology, we have developed a wide range of products to enter the U-healthcare field. In 2016, we launched the smart monitoring thermometer – Thermosher. The existing thermometers commonly adopted a principle that measures continuously through the head or forehead. However, the measurer and the subject had to wake up at night, which may cause inconvenience.
In order to alleviate this inconvenience, we created the Thermosher that attaches a thermometer to the body and confirms body temperature information on a smartphone in real time. According to the medical device approval standard, the contact thermometer should pass ±0.1°C in terms of the temperature measurement error. Considering that the approval standard of non-contact thermometer, which is ±0.2°C, our product is performed more precisely than the non-contact thermometer. In addition, the non-contact thermometers may have different positions during the measured time, but one of the advantages is that the contact thermometer can constantly monitor temperature at the same location.
Currently, the contact and monitoring smart thermometers such as Thermosher are becoming increasingly popular on the global market. Temptraq is a representative example in the United States, and there are similar products available in the Chinese and European markets. Temptraq only operated once for 24 hours. On the other hand, Thermosher can be used semi-permanently by using the battery. And it designed to be attached to sensitive skin safely by using a small, slim silicon patch.
As mentioned earlier, the contact and monitoring smart thermometers are still unfamiliar among the general public, and are not yet exposed to the market. Thus, we are promoting our products via SNS, and online child-rearing communities. In addition, we launched an online store and participated in a maternity classroom. As a result, the sales trend in the domestic market has shown a steady increase.
In the case of overseas markets, it is not easy to export the medical devices to different countries due to the approval requirements for medical devices. We received inquiries from various countries including Europe, Southeast Asia, and the United States, but the export process is unlikely until the authentication problem is solved. So, we are currently preparing for the CE medical and will be certified by the end of September this year.

Please tell us about major export markets and emerging promising markets
The most notable market for medical devices is China. Due to the one-child policy that was introduced in China, the middle-class families pay attention to investment in their children. The sales trend of health and beauty related products is also growing steadily in China. However, since the standard of medical devices approval varies among different countries, they must obtain certification in order to export their products. Therefore, in order to enter China’s market, we must obtain the CFDA certification and that could possibly be a long time away. If we able to overcome these obstacles, China’s market would be the most attractive consumer market.

Do you have a particular management philosophy as CEO?
We emphasize autonomy and accountability of employees. We currently hired 13 employees, so we lack the human resources that possess by the large-scale enterprises. Therefore, in order to achieve the principle of “constant innovation,” all members of the company possess the autonomy, and understand what the company needs and what it lacks. So, I think ChoisTechnology could even survive basically based on the autonomy developed by our employees over the past 16 years.
However, autonomy is not alone enough to operate a company. Obviously, responsibility is essential as well . If each member can judge what is necessary for the company, I think autonomy will be responsible for the results. Autonomy without accountability is considered indulgence. When a person who can take accountability for his or her work and the results and follow-up, the company be able to operate well. So, that’s why we emphasize autonomy and accountability.

Please tell us about your vision and some message to the company’s overseas buyers and customers
The market for home U-healthcare combined with IoT technology is increasing. In combination with IoT technology, we are increasing the need for more convenient bio-information measuring devices in proportion to the need to constantly measure and manage an individual’s biometric information. Since then, we have advanced into the medical device market by adopting wireless interface technology that we have accumulated since 2001, and now we are developing products such as respiration monitoring device, wireless smart thermometer, wireless electrocardiogram monitor, wireless pulse oximeter (SpO2).
In addition, we are striving for innovation and development. We developed the Thermosafer as a disposable device that can be used in hospitals and clinics, without worrying about infections. We have developed technology for medical devices that has been accumulated over the past number of years. We are also constantly seeking ways to integrate our specialized wireless interface technology and medical device development technology.
We will develop a variety of medical devices that incorporate the next-generation wireless technology and IoT technology, and will lead the changing next-generation medical device market through the development of popularized products that can easily be accessed in medical institutions such as hospitals, clinics and even in people’s own homes. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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