Real-time 360VR Camera[INQ. NO. 1706E17] Please tell us about the driving forces of growth, along with a company introduction
Seesaw Vision is a company that specializes in providing realtime 360VR camera and 360VR solution and 30 reconstruction, 3D Display, 3D confi guration technology and other services. With a passion for creating new products that do not exist anywhere else in the world we are advancing into the global market with fresh insights.

What is your company’s main product?
While studying 3D virtual reality, I developed the Seesaw realtime 360VR camera, a technology that can impress people with its amazing visual information.
The main advantage of the Seesaw realtime 360VR camera is its versatility. The high-resolution images (1440p) are produced in real-time over 20 frames by using the PC in general instead of the expensive CUDA-enabled GPUs. As a pilot product, we broadcasted live 360VR on YouTube in real time, and visitors showed great interest in it.
Through the exhibition, we shared our earnest opinions with companies from the USA, China, Germany and the Middle East, and specifi c consultations are now being made. It is a device that combines with indoor 3D scanner solutions to enable you to feel actual reality. The research that we are conducting is related to upgrading of the 360VR camera and the 3D scanner solution. We are aiming to develop the hardware and software of 3D vision solutions simultaneously.

Please tell us about your major export markets and emerging promising markets
We are making eff orts to introduce our products in the domestic VR market. We are also securing the business networks to enter the China market after the product’s launch. Recently, virtual reality and augmented reality have become a hot topic in the advanced information technology industry. The hardware vendors are launching new VR devices while the game industry is increasingly applying advanced technologies of VR and AR in the industry. In addition, the broadcasting industry also is trying to combine various related-technologies. Therefore, to keep pace with this trend, Seesaw Vision Co., Ltd. is upgrading the existing 360VR technology and securing the best technical skills to become a leading company in the VR industry.

Do you have a management philosophy as CEO?
While working together at the Korea Electronics Technology Institute, we gathered the will we needed. We shared a common goal of wanting to develop the technologies people needed and manufacture products that could be used immediately. That is why we established Seesaw Vision Co., Ltd. We determined to make products that could allure consumers, with best technologies and services.

Please tell us about your vision your message to the company’s overseas buyers and customers
We believed that real-time 360VR CCTV cameras without blind spots could be developed in the CCTV fi eld. We also realized that this surveillance system could be used to remotely identify and obtain related information regarding dangerous places where people cannot be observed continuously. Starting with our real-time 360VR camera, we aim to lead the broadcasting and CCTV market and become the leading company in the 3D VR market. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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