Water-resistance Bluetooth Keyboard

https://korean-electronics.com//inquiry[INQ. NO. 1706E18] Please introduce your company and tell us about the driving force of its growth
Woorin is a corporate established with a goal to realize new technology integrating high-tech nano materials and semiconductors and come up with creative and innovative products.
Since 2013, we have possessed elastic wearable PCB, as well as interface matching architecture recognizing changes in the body, in preparation for FSR (force sensing register) film and the era of wearable devices, for which we have been depending on foreign technology. We strived to pursue innovative HID (Human Interactive Device) based on this.

We would like to know more about your company’s main products
First let me tell you about my personal experience. While engaged in semiconductor sales for 12 years, I found that tables were very useful innovative products, but typing keys was inconvenient. I thus started the keyboard business while thinking about why there is no keyboard that is easy to carry. Looking at the market trend where portability is emphasized more and more, keyboards were not innovative. This was because it was not easy for other countries to develop and mass-manufacture since it was advantageous to China where labor costs are cheap due to the mechanical characteristics of keyboards requiring a lot of manual labor.
We set the initial developmental goal very inordinately. We set the goal of making portable keyboards lighter and thinner than any other keyboards in the world. After much trial and error, we finally succeeded in developing a keyboard with pressure recognition type based on nano materials. At present, we are mass-manufacturing and exporting our products. It might be considered boring to say it is the world’s best or world’s No. 1, but the fact that we made it really thin and light with domestic technology is meaningful in terms of the product trend toward focusing on portability.
We cannot advertise widely as a venture entrepreneur right now. However, orders from the USA, Japan and Korea are rapidly increasing by word of mouth and through acquaintances. Demand for our products is expected to increase with the launch of phablets, an intermediate form of smartphones and tablets (a portmanteau of the words “phone” and “tablet,” Galaxy Note 8, Iphone 8, etc.) in the future.

Can you tell us about your major export markets and recently emerging markets?
At present, Japan has the largest market-share comprising 80% of the major export markets. However, we regard East Asia and Russia, where IT levels are rapidly rising, as promising markets.

Please tell us about your special management philosophy, if any, as a CEO
It is embarrassing to admit, but I do not really have a special management philosophy. If you want me to tell you something, though, I will tell you my philosophy of life. It is “Positive passion without giving up.”
Our company’s logo is white letters on the red background. Red means passion and white means positive creativity.
My second philosophy of life is
“Never give up.”
It seems not related, but do you know the movie
“The Hurt Locker (Explosive Disposal Unit)?” I watched it on the weekend for the first time in many days. Lines touching my heart…!
– Commander: “How could you deactivate 867 bombs?”
– Main Character: “If you don’t die…!”
Honestly, it seems like a lame old joke. However, it was the line encouraging me not to give up when I was terrified and desperate.
Winston Churchill taught me three secrets to success.
First, do not give up.
Second, never give up.
Third, never, ever give up.
Even though it is the typical word that many students posted on the wall and ruminated over, it is really a wise saying. I have been just intimating it and now it has become my philosophy, consciously and unconsciously.

Please tell us about your future vision and perhaps a few words for overseas buyers and customers
When I named our company, “Woorin,” everyone around me told me to change it because it sounds old-fashioned. However, I did not change because it actually means, “We all are of a singular mind” and it is pure Korean. And I also think that for brand, a name is not important but its reputation is built on products that customers can trust. However, most people still think of our company as one merely making keyboards, so to realize our vision to create wearable-related innovative products by integrating new materials and semiconductors, we are firmly preparing basic technology, while still producing keyboards.
We have already developed the basic technology for wearable keyboards and virtual reality input devices.
The reason why I insist on focusing on this innovative technology, even though our company is a small venture entrepreneur, is that this is essential technology that someone should be working on perfecting, even though it is not me. I truly believe that Korean manufacturing industry should be recognized globally, and can survive only by developing such technology.
For this, we want to hear, “Expectably, made in Korea,” from our foreign customers. And on our introduction of Wekey Pocket, we proudly wrote “my name is Wekey Pocket! I am from Korea.” Thank you.

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