New Concept Smartphone Case for Self-defense[INQ. NO. 1706E19] Please introduce your company and tell our readers about the driving force of your company’s growth
We are a female-run enterprise providing security service that ensures the safety and happiness of customers 24hours a day. We plan to soon release a smartphone case for women’s self-defense with advantages that you can report an emergency situation most quickly and easily and deal with it immediately when an unpredictable crime or incident occurs.

We would like to know more about your company’s main products
247 Korea, following the completion of intensive idea gathering and R&D, recently released “Volt Case,” a newconcept smartphone case for self-defense that in case of emergencies is operated while automatically reporting only with a fingerprint with a fitted electric shock machine. Major product models, being updated continuously, are I Phone 6/6S and Galaxy S6.
In daily life, it can be used as a case protecting a smartphone. In case of emergencies, it can be a case for self-defense protecting oneself. It can help users to deal with unpredictable crimes and incidents in advance and deal with an emergency immediately.
It can be used right away merely by scanning a preselected fingerprint in case of emergencies after installing 247SOS. The outstanding features are its dual-service functions, electric shock and automatic report, working simultaneously as soon as a fingerprint is scanned. Therefore, by scanning a fingerprint, a report is sent to a related security company at the same time that electric shock is working against a subject causing an emergency. After reporting an event, a scene is recorded and a recorded video is sent. Then, a location that an electric shock machine is operated is sent. Lastly, an event is reported to a police station based on a sent location and a security company calls a designated number and informs of an emergency situation.
The 247 SOS App service can be used independently. There are two methods to report in case of emergencies: One is to report by scanning a fingerprint on a mobile phone; and the other is to report by using a passport and a pattern. It is a system to prevent other people or children besides the owner from using it by applying a method of being operated only when a fingerprint is matched. Volt Case is safe. A slide structure of a shock terminal is made with a dual lock system to prevent malfunction. If a shock terminal is not removed, it is not operating. You can easily report automatically as Volt Case and App work together. User information, a location and a video are sent to a designated number and a police station, respectively. With bodyguard dispatching service under a monthly payment, your own bodyguard can continuously be put on standby.

Can you tell us about major export markets and recently rising promising markets?
Security products have been rapidly rising in popularity over recent years. Its market reached 1 trillion won in Korea and more than that in foreign countries. Our company, 247 Korea, aims to advance into global markets by leading the way as a new brand for self-defense products.

If you have a special management philosophy as a CEO, could you please tell us about it?
Our products are developed to protect marginalized citizens. By providing service by need and for the weak and underprivileged, we seek to help create a world where less-fortunate citizens can live with an untroubled mind in a safer world. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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