Iris Recognition Security Systems[INQ. NO. 1706E20] Please tell us about your company’s growth engines along with a corporate introduction
Our company, IRISYS (IRIS + SYSTEM) was established in 2012 as a company specializing in biotechnology which provides various products and solutions based on Iris technology as refl ected in the company’s name.
The biggest advantage our company possesses is IRISYS, which may be called the ultra-light SW algorithm applied by encryption/decryption technology of biometric Fuzzy Hash onto ultra-small iris authentication devices. In addition, we think it is the pride of our company that this method was applied that blocks the leakage of personal information. This is an issue that is being emphasized more and more, and it was developed as a method that does not store people’s personal bio information in the server, etc.


We want to know about your main products
We have perceived that the existing bio information is based on the image-contrasting method, so there exists a gap between the perfect security area – therefore, we started to research the ways by which can go beyond the gap. Thus, the iris authentication algorithm created by the above background has acquired international standard certifi cation, FIDO U2F (Universal 2nd Factor) and UAF (Universal Authentication Framework) authentication already. The physical security products such as the personal safety boxes, door-lock and access control device which are launched by our company at this time are the products applied by the optimized iris recognition technology like this.
Currently, we have contracted a supply agreement of iris authentication door-lock products with global customers in the industrial material fi eld in Europe and entered into the completion stage of development of the iris authentication module, and its fi eld test is scheduled in the near future. Once the fi eld test has been successfully completed, it will be switched to a mass-production system immediately, and it is expected that the iris authentication door-lock will be commercialized fi rst in the global markets.
Recently, a lot of enterprises have been launching products applying IoT in the smart home fi eld, and our company, IRISYS, has plans to launch the products by applying iris authentication into the access controlling device and personal safety box, too. Such physical security products will be presented through domestic and overseas exhibitions. Many security experts have gathered opinions that the next-generation security fi eld, which will replace fi ngerprint recognition, is iris recognition, and it is noted that a lot of global enterprises are spurring research and development to launch the optimal solutions.
As we mentioned earlier, our company, IRISYS, can collaborate with any enterprise in relation to irisauthentication software algorithm we have self-developed, and the number of competent SW engineers enabling it exceeds 50% of total R&D personnel.
The marketing method of our company, IRYSIS, has mainly used domestic and overseas exhibitions to display our technical skills, and we have a plan to utilize this method continuously. And especially in the case of physical security products that can be used by consumers directly such as door-locks, access-control devices, payment systems, etc., we will utilize it actively according to the fi eld demonstration plan of IoT by the city government and listen to the opinions of actual customers, and we are planning to conduct viral marketing, too. We will make every possible eff ort to introduce a marketing approach that refl ects the various tastes of customers in the future.


Please tell us about your major export markets and recent emerging promising markets
At present, we are expecting to export our products mainly to the European market where our global customers are located. Furthermore, we are expecting to expand our market to the Middle East including the UAE and all other Asian countries such as China, etc. In fact, we think that the fi eld to apply smart home and IoT technology is infi nite, globally.


If you have any special management philosophy as CEO, please tell us about it
I think that the core thought I keep in mind is “Never give up until you succeed.” I established the company in 2012 and now fi ve years have passed, during which I have overcome a lot of diffi culties till now and I personally think I have a big jump ahead in 2017. I will confront a lot of challenges in the future, too − however, I am confi dent that I can overcome them with my colleagues.


Please tell us about your future vision, and give a message to the overseas buyers and customers
Beginning from iris recognition, we have a dream to become a professional enterprise that stands out in the biometric authentication fi eld. To realize this, we will do our utmost in the R&D fi eld, and we will create a virtuous-cycle structure in which the output of our eff orts is linked to the best products that are convenient to use in the real lives of consumers and always reliable.
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