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K-HOSPITAL FAIR 2017, hosted by the Korean Hospital Association, will be held from September 27 to 29 at COEX in Seoul. The Korean Hospital Association is a legal organization according to medical laws, which represents 3,635 hospitals with a total of 674,646 beds. The K-HOSPITAL FAIR is the most optimized and representative exhibition of the medical industry for buyers, as it is hosted directly by buyers.


Bringing bestsellers and steady sellers together for the hospital & medical industry!

At the K-HOSPITAL FAIR, exhibitions, special exhibitions and seminars are held for medical industry professionals such as hospital directors, doctors, nurses, purchase team leaders, IT team leaders, equipment & facility team leaders, manufacturers, and distribution dealers.
In particular, the Korea Information Technology of Hospital Association hosts an Autumn Seminar and the Hospital & Medical Information Special Exhibition in which many medical information system development companies related with A.I., deep learning, chatbot based on big data technology, PACS and EMR participate.



Providing market pioneering plans for domestic and overseas markets: Buying consultation program

BUY MEDICAL, a buying consultation program, is held between purchase PICs and participating companies during K-HOSPITAL FAIR. The program aims to match hospitals with remodeling plans (new building & extension) for 2018-2019 with participating companies, one-on-one based.
The Executive Office of the K-HOSPITAL FAIR runs a program that provides opportunities for advancing into overseas markets to Korean hospitals and medical related companies. In collaboration with KOTRA, the office co-hosts ‘Business Consultation for Overseas Health & Medical Projects.’ Related personnel from hospitals and clinical centers that provide excellent health & medical services of Korea can meet up with project managers of overseas hospitals.
‘1:1 Match-making Export Consultation for Overseas Buyers’ is also held for domestic manufacturers with excellent technical skills. Korea Hospital Association plans to host buying consultations through overseas network for hospital directors and related personnel from countries with large market growth, such as Indonesia, Malaysia and India.


Hosting Specialized Forums by Departments

During K-HOSPITAL FAIR, conferences and seminars will be hosted by executive committees of the Korea Hospital Association and the Korea Small & Medium Hospital Association, as well as various support groups.
So far, conferences and seminars have been confirmed with the following participants; Korea Small & Medium Hospital Association, Korea Special Hospital Association, Korea Association of Geriatric Hospitals, Korean Rehabilitation Hospital Association, Korea Medical Women’s Association, Korea Human Resource Development Institute for Health & Welfare, Korea Medical Dispute Mediation and Arbitration Agency, Korea Institute of Healthcare Accreditation, Korea Institute of Hospital Management, Hospital Nurses Association, Quality Improvement Nurse Society, Korean Association of Infection Control Nurses, The Korean Dietetic Association, Korean Medical Record Association, Korea Information Technology of Hospital Association, Purchase & Distribution Association for Hospitals, Korea Institute of Healthcare Architecture, Korea Medical Engineering Association, Korean Licensed Practical Nurses Association, Korean Society of Healthcare Design and Yoon & Yang (law firm).
Currently, you can register for a free visit at the official site of K-HOSPITAL FAIR. You can also check out any related information for the exhibition on the site. If you have any questions, please contact the executive office of K-HOSPITAL FAIR at 02-3397-0942 or khf@esangmnc.com.

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