‘iCallie Edge/Circle’, a Smart LED Messenger on Bluetooth

https://korean-electronics.com//inquiry[INQ. NO. 1708E04] Established in 2015, IONLABS is a company that develops and manufactures the smartphone accessory, iCallie Edge/Circle, which is an intelligent smart device. IONLABS is a start-up company based on IoT technology and will lead the new standard of smart devices, IoT products, health care services, and smart software education.
The iCallie product is an intelligent smart device that tells someone about who is calling from a smartphone and what kind of characters they are coming from and what kind of SNS (Facebook, Twitter, Kakaotalk, etc.), and tells them by RGB light.
The iCallieBLE App. allows the user to set the light pattern corresponding to the phone number and the light pattern corresponding to the character.
The character type to be received can be edited by the character desired by the user. This smart device is mainly useful in vibration mode, and it can be attached to the body during a meeting, jogging, lecture, and fitness exercise.
It is a useful smart accessory in an environment that does not have a smartphone.
Because it shows all the alarms only with color light, not with sound or vibration, LCD, the developer seems to have a considerable advantage in setting RGB color light.
It can also be used as a protection alarm when attached to children or pets as an additional function. If the user sets the recognition distance of 10m, 30m, and 50m in the protector’s smartphone App., the lights on the device will flash and the smartphone will be notified by vibration when the protected object with the device gets out of this range.
It is expected to be widely welcomed by the chic and trendy classes by providing these smartphone auxiliary functions.
The main markets targeted by the company are in the developed countries, which have a high penetration rate of smartphones and personal care devices for babies and pets. Currently, there is a strong interest in smart care accessories in Japan and Europe market.
Accordingly, they are also interested in the personal health care device market as well. IONLABS has so much interest through various overseas exhibitions. As soon as it has completed the electronic certification for each country, IONLABS is striving to export its products.

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