New Revolutionary Wireless Charging Tracking System(FTT) has Arrived![INQ. NO. 1708E09] CidT is the world’s first company to successfully develop a Wireless Charging Tracking system called “FTT” (Frequency Tracking Technology). This solution will lead Wireless Charging developers such as phone makers, operators, even accessory devices that guides users to align Transmitter (Tx) and Receiver (Rx) for a perfect match.


What is FTT (Frequency Tracking Technology)?

The Wireless Charging system features electromagnetic non-contact charging. Its charging efficiency for cellphones varies according to the location of the cellphone from a Pad (Transmitter). When a cellphone is positioned on the edge of the Pad, heating issues & discharging of cellphones occurs frequently.
In order to solve these issues, the company’s solution extracts frequency based on the standard of WPC (Wireless Power Consortium) and is automatically operated by CPU of cellphone that gives the order to signal to guide cellphone users on LCD display and/or sound.
Its function is to launch electromagnet non-contact charging (Wireless Charging) on a Pad with the best efficiency charging set by users’ manual action, if not the cellphone CPU automatically reduces assumption of frequency rate for protection and not causing heating issues.
This solution will be to indicate cellphone users to charge in the best efficiency way and moreover, use Wireless Charging system wisely & conveniently to avoid heating & discharging of cellphone issues.
CidT has a separate method of using FTT solution, as LED FTT and Sound FTT.
The LED FTT is used to attach an LED light on the Tx Pad and for showing different levels of lights following by charging efficiency. This LED light enables users to guide and indicate the highest efficient position and help to reduce any discharging and/or heating issues.
On the other hand, the solution can be also operated by using sound communication. The Tx pad tracks charging frequency as information and it is transferred to a smartphone LCD via audible frequency. This information can be shaped as application graphical images. CidT, therefore, has developed own application and it is now available to download via Google Play as a Beta testing version.
CidT has emphasized the use of the FTT solution in order to protect current Wireless Charging industrial problematic systems, such as increasing charging efficiency, heating issues, etc. CidT believes that FTT is innovative software to guide the best spot for wireless charging and also users are guided by visual direction or sound. It is the best and most convenient way to fine a core charging spot. Currently, CidT is expanding its business scope to automobiles and furniture such as wireless charging on table/desktop, lamp side and so on. CidT will continue to revolutionize the way to develop more convenient and feasible solutions to clients. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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