Wearable Personal Posture Corrector

https://korean-electronics.com//inquiry[INQ. NO. 1708E08] Namu Inc. will be introducing a wearable personal posture corrector for turtle neck, ‘Alex Plus,’ at KITAS 2017, which will be held from August 10 to 12 at COEX, Seoul.
Alex Plus is a smart wearable device that corrects bad posture, which is the root cause of turtle neck and rounded shoulders syndrome that has been rapidly increasing these days. Alex Plus checks posture in real time with built-in angle sensors and alerts users with soft vibrations when bad posture is detected with a patented analysis algorithm.
Whereas existing posture correctors are heavy or inconvenient to use in daily lives, Alex Plus has an advantage of being able to be worn lightly and corrects posture during study or work. Although physical therapy, acupuncture and massage can reduce pain directly, the pain is likely to return as the basic problem, bad posture, has not been fundamentally resolved. However, Alex Plus can offer a fundamental long-term solution as it alerts users so that they can recognize their own problems and change their habits.
Alex Plus is an upgraded version of Alex, which was released in June 2016, by reflecting users’ opinions on design and functionality. Wearability has been improved with silicon earrings and 20 grams of weight, and services such as coaching programs and habit correcting exercises have been added on a mobile application. Also, a warning alarm function and monthly posture check report have been added.
Alex Plus was launched on July 1 through Naver Storefarm, and it is expected to be also available off-line at Lotte Duty-free shop and Hyundai Department Store. Followed by market advances into the United States and Europe last year, the company is expected to soon advance into the markets of China, Japan and Australia.
Namu, Inc. is a specialized company that has been developing smart posture correcting products with sensors and IOT technologies since its establishment in 2014. It plans to expand its business to posture-correcting products for other parts such as shoulders and even medical equipment, and it is thus steadily conducting basic researches and clinical tests.


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