A Global Leader in the Medical Diagnostic Equipment

https://korean-electronics.com//inquirySG HealthCare is a global leader in the medical diagnostic equipment industry with world-class technology advancements. Today, SG HealthCare continues to spread the importance of “Seeing more and “Knowing Better” as opposed to mere diagnosis. The information gathered through its systems allows acute analysis, thus increasing the chance of saving lives.
X-ray, MRI & ultrasound systems made by SG HealthCare are widely used all over the world, from the tiniest mobile clinics to national hospitals. SG HealthCare has proven itself to be revolutionizing the field of medical diagnostic systems and continues to help people all around the world feel better.
Q40, which is an ultrasound system, innovatively improves 1D diagnostic images expressing figures in the body and ultrasound data used in 3D and 4D. It also increases competitiveness in terms of efficient acquisition of the amount of information and speed. It enables faster acquisition of more accurate information compared to existing products and accordingly, makes precise diagnosis available by increasing the image quality significantly.
Jumong series, which is a DR & Analog system, is a representative product (x-ray) sold in about 60 countries. It handles all kinds of systems, from analog to digital equipment, used in hospitals and clinics. Software and hardware technical prowess accumulated through long experience is the major reason for achieving excellent results in international biddings. The auto exposure control function that minimizes the amount of radiation exposure by understanding the physical characteristics of a patient is a useful function for both patients and doctors. Also, the panel of 127 micron pixel size is applied providing the best images in the world.
Jumong RF is a digital X-ray fluoroscopy device using an FPD detector. This product is developed to carry out various types of physical examinations efficiently by capturing a digital image without moving a patient. Also, it is the second product in the world and the first product in Korea that can obtain 18 million pixel images by significantly improving previous 9 million pixel images based on the image processing technology of SG Health Care. It features more precise examinations as micro filming is available using the tomography technique.


Expanding global markets

SG HealthCare is a company providing medical imaging devices such as X-ray, ultrasound, MRI, etc. SG HealthCare is currently expanding markets by acquiring the U.S. FDA certificate and concentrating on business targeting global markets. SG HealthCare is also becoming a truly “health conscious” company by launching skin care and body slimming technology (Body Spin) successfully.

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