Present Status of building smart factories in Korea the government has launched the Presidential Committee on the Fourth Industrial Revolution, the revitalization of the manufacturing industry is re-emphasized and a strong policy-drive is being implemented to expand the smart factories. However, due to the companies’ lack of motivation to invest and their low technologies, the country does not have advanced world-class smart factories in reality.
In this regard, Min Sung-hee, a senior researcher of the Korea Development Bank (KDB), recently presented the examples of overseas smart factories in the report, “‘The Examples and Implications for Building smart factories,” examining the problem of introducing smart factories to Korea and announcing an improvement plan.
According to this report, overseas smart factories are being advanced to pursue cost-reduction and reflect customer needs. In particular, it progresses with the aim of reducing production costs with decreasing added values, companies focus on expanding productivity through their own factories as well as extending capabilities as a supplier through technological development.
In addition, they are expected to evolve to minimize the costs incurred in the value chain process while reflecting the needs of customers according to the manufacturing paradigm changes, thus affording a direct link between consumers and producers through a platform and the expansion to an on-demand business model.
On the other hand, Min claims that the strategy of building smart factories in Korea tends to be modeled after those of advanced countries, rather than to set its own direction. He emphasizes that there is a limit to the long-term and continuous construction of smart factories due to the investment conditions of domestic companies.
Min explains further, “The advancement of the overseas smart factories is largely attributed to their long-term accumulation of technology and efforts to attain their objects. Likewise, we need to establish clear goals and long-term plans to keep in the same groove. There are difficulties in establishing long-term and sustainable plans for building smart factories due to limited market scale for large enterprises and SMEs’ perceptions of the smart factory construction policies as similar to IT Support Project of Small Business conducted in the past.”
Min also added, “The overseas smart factories utilize highly intelligent machines with a high-level of technology, while the level of foundation techniques regarding smart factories in Korea is low. Despite the need to expand the investment in technical development, Korean companies tend to maintain a conservative stance on investment in technical development, and a large proportion of development expenses depends on self-funding, making it unavoidable to evade risks in the case of investment losses.”
In order to solve these problems, Min suggested, “It is necessary to raise a specific purpose and interest in building smart factories. The government should establish infrastructure and set a detailed mid- to long-term agenda to induce relevant companies into market participation and share it with those participating, while companies should create a friendly atmosphere with continuous interest from the CEO. Additionally, the financial sector needs to provide differentiated support depending on the scale and characteristics of the smart factories.” | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

Video Surveillance Camera, QNO-7080R[INQ. NO. 1804E17] Global security company Hanwha Techwin ensured the safety of passengers and vehicles of Istanbul City Lines ferries by installing high performance ‘Wisenet’ cameras in a trusting partnership.
With over 166 years’ experience of seaports, ships and ferries, City Lines offer comfortable and safe sea transportation services to tourists and those who live and work in Istanbul. Over 150,000 passengers use City Lines services every day.
Having decided to offer a new ferry service between Istinye and Cubuklu, which are both part of the Istanbul conurbation but on different sides of the Bosporus, City Lines asked security systems integrator InfoMET Technologies, to recommend video surveillance cameras which could help keep passengers and the ferries safe and secure. The cameras would be required to cope with sea conditions as well as capture high-resolution images day or night. As many as 250 Wisenet cameras have been installed throughout 20 City Lines ships. In addition to keeping a close eye on passengers, the cameras are also used to monitor the movements of 2,000 vehicles which are transported daily. The cameras are a valuable navigational tool for captains, as they enable them to view blind spots that cannot be seen from the bridge.
The majority of the 250 cameras installed are Wisenet QNO-7080Rs, which are part of the Wisenet Q series. These 4 Megapixel bullet cameras have built-in IR illumination and are packed with innovative features such as H.265 compression and WiseStream, a complementary compression technology that dynamically controls encoding, balancing quality and compression, according to movement in the image.
When WiseStream is combined with H.265 compression, bandwidth efficiency is improved by up to 75% compared to current H.264 technology. This ensures the Wisenet Q series is one of the most bandwidth friendly camera ranges available.
The QNO-7080R also features hallway view, true wide dynamic range, tamper detection, defocus detection, and lens distortion correction, to deliver optimized images in every situation. Hallway View provides a highly effective way to monitor narrow vertical areas such as corridors, tunnels and aisles. It enables cameras that can generate images in the 9:16 x 3:4 aspect ratio, to work effectively in tall and narrow spaces.
“One of the biggest factors in choosing Wisenet cameras is they do not have any problems in the environments we operate,” explains Cuneyt Danaci, IT Specialist for City Lines. “Equally important, whilst we did not want to compromise on quality, we needed cameras which had a high price/performance ratio. Wisenet came ahead of many other camera brands in respect of price, performance and technology and it is one of the reasons why we are thinking of working with Hanwha Techwin on other new projects in the future.”
Oguzhan Kahraman, Project Engineer, InfoMET Technologies, continued by saying, “We had worked with Hanwha Techwin on other projects and we were confident they would be able to provide cameras that would be able to deal with the demanding conditions such as salty water vapor and a high level of vibration. The pre-sales team for Hanwha Techwin in Turkey were extremely helpful and were able to recommend the best Wisenet camera models for each required camera location.”
Hanwha Techwin (formerly Samsung Techwin) offers reliable video surveillance solutions to meet the current and future needs of security professionals. Based on optical and image processing technologies accumulated over the past 30 years, it has solidified its leadership position in security solutions by developing and manufacturing cutting-edge security systems. With its leading brand Wisenet, Hanwha Techwin will continuously strengthen its development and marketing investments in the security business for future growth. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

Solar Energy Generation Connection Board and Monitoring System[INQ. NO. 1709E04] DM Tech Co., Ltd. is an embedded specialized company that develops various embedded devices and intelligent control systems using a microcomputer. Based on accumulated technologies for embedded H/W and S/W, the company manufactures and produces various light control equipment for streetlight, tunnel light and security light, solar energy generation connection board and solar energy tracking controller.
DM Tech is also adding capacity in various fields of businesses such as lightning protector for equipment, patent registered module type material, IoT control using CDMA and LTE, immersive media with VR technology, etc.
The company works continuously to improve competitiveness and maximize value creation for its customers with its objective to provide good quality products and services through sustainable R&D investment.
In the field of solar energy generation business, DM Tech supplies solar energy connection board current collecting devices that receive a self-sustaining power supply capable of efficient maintenance by channels, not to mention solar energy tracking control devices and solar energy generation remote monitoring system.

In the field of streetlight control systems, the company also provides VHF, LoRa communication based on a two way streetlight controller, a two way security light controller based on Zigbee and LoRa communication and tunnel light controller for one way as well as two ways. It also provides GIS interlocking map based smart control system for integrated control and app based control system related with obstacles and operation status. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

A Global Leader in the Medical Diagnostic Equipment HealthCare is a global leader in the medical diagnostic equipment industry with world-class technology advancements. Today, SG HealthCare continues to spread the importance of “Seeing more and “Knowing Better” as opposed to mere diagnosis. The information gathered through its systems allows acute analysis, thus increasing the chance of saving lives.
X-ray, MRI & ultrasound systems made by SG HealthCare are widely used all over the world, from the tiniest mobile clinics to national hospitals. SG HealthCare has proven itself to be revolutionizing the field of medical diagnostic systems and continues to help people all around the world feel better.
Q40, which is an ultrasound system, innovatively improves 1D diagnostic images expressing figures in the body and ultrasound data used in 3D and 4D. It also increases competitiveness in terms of efficient acquisition of the amount of information and speed. It enables faster acquisition of more accurate information compared to existing products and accordingly, makes precise diagnosis available by increasing the image quality significantly.
Jumong series, which is a DR & Analog system, is a representative product (x-ray) sold in about 60 countries. It handles all kinds of systems, from analog to digital equipment, used in hospitals and clinics. Software and hardware technical prowess accumulated through long experience is the major reason for achieving excellent results in international biddings. The auto exposure control function that minimizes the amount of radiation exposure by understanding the physical characteristics of a patient is a useful function for both patients and doctors. Also, the panel of 127 micron pixel size is applied providing the best images in the world.
Jumong RF is a digital X-ray fluoroscopy device using an FPD detector. This product is developed to carry out various types of physical examinations efficiently by capturing a digital image without moving a patient. Also, it is the second product in the world and the first product in Korea that can obtain 18 million pixel images by significantly improving previous 9 million pixel images based on the image processing technology of SG Health Care. It features more precise examinations as micro filming is available using the tomography technique.


Expanding global markets

SG HealthCare is a company providing medical imaging devices such as X-ray, ultrasound, MRI, etc. SG HealthCare is currently expanding markets by acquiring the U.S. FDA certificate and concentrating on business targeting global markets. SG HealthCare is also becoming a truly “health conscious” company by launching skin care and body slimming technology (Body Spin) successfully. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods