Solar Energy Generation Connection Board and Monitoring System[INQ. NO. 1709E04] DM Tech Co., Ltd. is an embedded specialized company that develops various embedded devices and intelligent control systems using a microcomputer. Based on accumulated technologies for embedded H/W and S/W, the company manufactures and produces various light control equipment for streetlight, tunnel light and security light, solar energy generation connection board and solar energy tracking controller.
DM Tech is also adding capacity in various fields of businesses such as lightning protector for equipment, patent registered module type material, IoT control using CDMA and LTE, immersive media with VR technology, etc.
The company works continuously to improve competitiveness and maximize value creation for its customers with its objective to provide good quality products and services through sustainable R&D investment.
In the field of solar energy generation business, DM Tech supplies solar energy connection board current collecting devices that receive a self-sustaining power supply capable of efficient maintenance by channels, not to mention solar energy tracking control devices and solar energy generation remote monitoring system.

In the field of streetlight control systems, the company also provides VHF, LoRa communication based on a two way streetlight controller, a two way security light controller based on Zigbee and LoRa communication and tunnel light controller for one way as well as two ways. It also provides GIS interlocking map based smart control system for integrated control and app based control system related with obstacles and operation status. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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