Conductive Wireless Charging & Data Sync with 99% Efficiency Inc. has been able to develop a tablet charging case that is capable of wireless charging and data sync with “Magconn,” a wireless charging technology for which the company received a patent. Magconn is simply a combination of two words: magnet and connectivity. Magconn is a conductive wireless charging and data sync technology with an automatically pinpointing magnetic connection capability. It is currently 100% compatible with USB 2.0.
Magconn has some comparative advantages over other wireless charging technologies like Qi and PMA. Unlike them, Magconn has a data sync function, in addition to power charging. Users will not face any heating issues, thanks to its higher charging efficiency. Obviously, it has no harmful electromagnetic radiation and users will be able to enjoy lower costs, less than half against inductive charging. It provides higher security with no hacking while ensuring quick charging.


Modern Design and Innovative Engineering Solution

Diverse Magconn modules afford a fl exible design for designers and engineers. These modules feature not only waterproof and dustproof (up to IP68) protection with a thin structure (less than 1mm), but also no energy loss, no heating issues, 360-degree rotation, affordable price and no harmful electromagnetic radiation. Magconn technology can be applied to various mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets PCs, cameras, wearable watches, power banks, scanners, phone cases / accessories, etc.
The picture here shows Tplatform (TP-10), which is capable of charging and data syncing 10 mobile devices, such as tablet PCs and smartphones, at the same time. There are no incidents of disconnection because there are no cables. Sterilizing function using UV lamp is also available to keep tablet PCs clean. Moreover, Tplatform is sturdy, made with metal and aluminum so semi-permanent use is possible.
This is the TE-32 model, which is capable of charging and data syncing up to 32 mobile devices. 7-10 inches tablet PCs would fit right in. However, there is no sterilization option available with this model. It is also made with metal and aluminum. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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