Electric Heaters for Pig, Poultry and Greenhouse Industries

https://korean-electronics.com//inquiryEstablished in 1995, InterHeat Inc. is a professional manufacturer of electrical heating appliances for pig, poultry and greenhouse industries. InterHeat’s Infrared Lamp is especially well known as a top-quality product in the global pig industry and market. Lamp Protector and Carbon Fiber Heater are also the best products in the world, being approved by CSA/UL, GS and KC certifications. InterHeat is now exporting Infrared Lamps, Lamp Protectors and Carbon Fiber Heaters under its own brand to 65 countries.


Carbon Fiber Heater, Carbon Fiber Lamp & Infrared Lamp & Lamp Protector

Carbon Fiber Heater for poultry and weaning piglets is clean, safe and simple. Most of all, it is easy and convenient to use as it is run by electricity. Gas heaters that are mainly used on poultry farms cannot guarantee safety as they have one serious problem. They emit Carbon Monoxide and burn Oxygen if they are operated inside the chicken house. It may kill all the chicks inside chicken house if a ventilation fan stops by some reasons for about 30 minutes.
InterHeat Carbon Fiber Heater for weaning piglets has a three-way switch with high, off and low function. You can save energy when you do not need full power of the lamps.

Infrared Lamp & Lamp Protector

The Infrared Lamp of InterHeat features the following: First, it never has loose-base problem as the problem has been solved with the company’s unique technology. Second, it makes the best use of energy, the heatconcentrated layout emits more concentrated heat.
It has the longest lifespan in the world with six months of average life when it is used non-stop. Third, the PAR lamps resist against physical shock with pressed glass.
Lamp Protector functions with a heat-radiation method, which is used necessarily to lengthen the life of bulbs and to avoid fire risks. It is waterproof so you do not need to worry about any leakage of electricity with water-cleaning. And you can save energy with its three-way switch, Hi-Off -Lo, to control the output of energy during different seasons.

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