Automatic Processor for Auto-Tooth Bone Graft Material Dental Solution specializes in automatic auto tooth bone graft material, and its main objective is to provide total dental solutions to customers. Korea Dental Solution has been extensively focusing on the ATB-Facility system, which is the only patented technology. In addition to its flagship “BonMaker,” it is the first fully automated AutoTooth bone graft material producing device from a patient’s own teeth based on its own technology.
BonMaker is an in-house advanced system for processing a patient’s own extracted teeth into ‘Auto-Teeth bone’ graft material. A bone graft particulate that is created from the patient’s own body, is generally considered the gold standard in dental biologics. However, the processing of an autograft usually requires a more complicated surgical procedure with pain and a longer healing period.
The BonMaker solves the usual problems encountered with autografts. With the BonMaker auto-teeth bone graft particulate processing, dentists can manufacture bone graft material specific to the patient by using the patient’s own extracted teeth. The BonMaker takes the prepared patient’s crushed tooth fragments and processes them into bone graft particulate in just over 19 min 50 sec.

The consumables required are three tiny, color-coded bottles of BonReagent which come at a fraction of the cost of other bone graft materials. Furthermore, with a processing time of just over 19 min 50 sec for powder type and 35 min 50 sec for block type, the particulate and block can be manufactured in a dental clinic or hospital. A single processing cycle can yield up to 3cc of bone graft material and it delivers the best clinical and economic results compared to any other bone graft materials. This device has acquired medical CE and ISO13485 certifications.

Developing and Supplying Various Kinds of New Products

From Korea Dental Solution’s initial establishment, to develop various products that meet the full demands of its customers and more importantly to their satisfaction, is its greatest priority. And also Korea Dental Solution has been developing and supplying various kinds of new products to meet its customers’ needs. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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