Wind Power Generator[INQ. NO. 1709E07] Production of wind power generator by GL Co., Ltd. costs only 2/3 compared with existing wind power generators. Solar panels are installed on the top of the generators for utilization of solar heat at the same time.
As for installation, you would need to dig at least a couple of meters for wind power generators fin the household. However, the company’s product requires no digging at all for installation, as it has a rectangular frame.
Also, you can install only one with existing generators. But with its products, you can pile them up in a big rectangular shape by placing them beside each other or stack them on top of one another up to hundreds.
Existing generators have very low wind utilization rate. However, as you can install up to 12 blades with its generators, the wind utilization rate is very high. Also, the existing generators create a lot of noise whereas vibration and noise have significantly decreased for its products. Finally, the company’s products are completely selfassembled, so they are not prone to breakdown and it is easy to fix them when they malfunction. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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