KES 2017

A Festival of Cutting-edge Technology

The Korean Electronics Show was first held in the national public information office next to Deoksugung Palace, Seoul, under the name of the first Korean Electronic Exhibition in 1969, and this year is its 48th anniversary.

Meanwhile, due to the vitalization of the exhibition industry and the emergence of specialized exhibition centers, from 1979 to 2005, the Korean Electronics Show was held in COEX. In 2005 it moved to KINTEX for the purpose of enlargement, and in 2008 it was held in cooperation with the International Semiconductor Exhibition and International Meeting of Information Display under the name of the Korean Electronic Industry Exhibition. Also the exhibition has been proudly selected as the sole global top exhibition in the field of electronics since 2008; it has vitalized exports as an electronics and IT industry specialized exhibition (US $169.4 billion) and has contributed to the development of Korea’s exhibition industry.

The Korean Electronic Show showcases the modern and future electronic and IT industry of Korea from the perspective of industry and suggests the direction in which the industry will head. It is a specialized exhibition of electronics and IT that is a feast of cutting edge technology leading global trends.

Especially this year, the exhibition organizer constructed a theme hall with cutting edge technology and innovative goods that will lead our future and the latest trends. Displays on 3D printing, Broadcast Tech Korea, stage, masterpiece miniature exhibition medical device fusion hall, etc. will attract the attention of visitors. Not only is it exhibiting products, but also visitors and buyers will be able to discuss and experience technology in the experience hall and technology exchange hall under the theme of “The Forum where Culture and Technology Meet.”



The organizer explained, “We will do our best to make this event participatory by planning a ‘Story Tour’ that provides visitors with various spectacles with a story-telling based tour so that buyers and visitors can participate. We hope to do our best for the development of the Korean electronic and IT industry. Lastly, we would like to give thanks to the Ministry of Trade, Industry, and Energy, related institute managers, and all the electronic and IT industry workers who have spared no efforts for the development of the Korean electronic and IT industry.” | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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