Medical Solutions Medical is a company that manufactures and distributes medical equipment as well as cosmetics. It provides PDO lifting thread, filler and Botox to the medical equipment field, and stem cell culture fluid ampoules and natural cosmetics in the cosmetic field.
Currently, the company has registered with KOTRA for branch businesses in Hungary, Ukraine and Poland. It has already participated in many overseas expositions in countries such as Iran, Kazakhstan, Dubai and China. It has also participated in export consultations in Turkey, Oman, Russia, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Poland and China.
Thread-lifting is a new and innovative technique to rejuvenate the face and other parts of the body, with the benefit of non-surgical intervention. It thus requires only a short period of recuperation. The material consists of biodegradable threads that have long been used in surgery.
During this procedure, threads are inserted into the deeper connective tissues. They attach themselves to the subcutaneous tissue and, if positioned properly, they create tension in the desired direction. This creates a mild stretching of the subcutaneous tissue and skin. This process is supported by an increase of collagen building up around the thread. Finally, collagen provides natural firmness and elasticity of the skin, creating the desired lifting effect.


Magic PDO Thread, Flore HA Filler & Stem Cell Ampoule

PDO thread functions as collagen is produced in response to the presence of a foreign body (thread) and mechanical injury (by needle) stimulates blood fl ow and increases the metabolism in the treated area. It is easy, effective without downtime, and long-lasting (more than two years). Effects include lifting, skin rejuvenation, wrinkle removal and reduction of cellulite.

Benefits of Flore HA filler include neocollagenesis, nano-sized colloid, smooth injection and any layer injection. In other words, it lasts long (1-2 years) and with better efficacy. Injection is done through a 31G needle, creating no lumps and requiring no massage. Simply, the injection and molding (shaping) are smooth. Any layer could be injected through intradermal injection to create neocollagenesis.
Moreover, stem cell ampoules are now being delivered to about 50 hospitals in Korea. Compared with products of other companies, skin rejuvenation effects are more rapid, which has been proven through clinical tests. By undergoing around 70 tests conducted by Seoul National University Hospital, the company has been able to cultivate the most optimal stem cells for safety. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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