Samsung Display Unveils 65-inch, Next-Generation Curved Display LCD Korea’s Samsung Display Co. recently unveiled nextgeneration curved panels in liquid crystal display (LCD), pushing the rigid display technology to a new level as it has been quickly losing appeal against flexible OLED.

The company presented its 65-inch S-Curved LCD and 65-inch Curved Glass Light Guide Plate (LGP) at the 2nd Curved Forum held at the Yanqi Lake International Convention Center in Beijing, China.

The 65-inch S-Curved LCD is a next-generation display that bends all four sides including above and below. The center of the screen looks as if it is slightly dented, which the company says provides a more vivid viewing experience. The 65-inch curved glass LGP has also applied next-generation technology as it has an edge thickness of only 4.9 millimeters.

A spokesperson for Samsung Display said that a display product that is curved on both sides has already been commercialized in the market but it is the first type in LCD.



The 65-inch curved glass LGP with an edge thickness of 4.9 millimeters also provides improved light transmittance and thinner display as it replaces plastic light guide panel component that evenly disperses light within LCD with glass.

The spokesperson said that applying glass LGP to televisions provides improved image quality and also more flexible design for living space interior. Samsung Display, meanwhile, plans to enhance its partnership with major TV manufacturers including TCL Corporation and Hisense Co. in China, the world’s largest premium TV market, to boost the overall curved display market. The company is betting on curved products as core technology that will lead to new solutions in the LCD market that has shown sluggish growth recently.

<Source : KITA> | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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